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spider bite on leg infected

hello,  I got bit by a spider this last saturday at a camp and well the same night I started having these chest pains on the left side that were so sever my husband thought about jut taking me to the ER I was hurting so bad I was in tears and just pouding on my chest if I was'nt gripping it so tight and I was so nausiated as well.  But now the bite is so bad it is unreal I got biten by a brown lacuse last summer and really it looks alot like it but I didn't have those reactions last year like this bite now I didn't see the spider and the bite is looks like my tissue in my leg is showing inside the bite and the area where the bite is, is about a nickle to a quater size around but the redness around it is really big and now it is developing a blister pretty good size beside it and my leg muscle has been swollen as well.  Now last year I did go to a doctor right after we got back from camping which was the very next day and she just said there was nothing she could do so that is why I didn't bother with this bite.  Can you help me with this issue???
please if you can
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