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Veins Growing Since Childhood

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I've had this medical problem since childhood only I know about. The veins on my body, especially legs and face always bulge whenever I do something stressful, after a long day's work, walking under the sun, etc. I sometimes feel very weak whenever this happens. it's highly discomforting, and I've been to doctors who think it's something very normal. The veins were tiny when I was younger, but they are getting bigger now, and I'm getting worried. I can feel the veins all over my head because of the pulses, and they ache. I have headaches a lot and take lot of paracetamols. I'm out of shape because I'm don't exercise. I used to partake in sporting activities, but stopped because I get extremely weak afterwards, and I'm scared I could collapse. Please what do you advise?
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There are 2 conditions that can cause these problems. Iliac Vein Compression (May-Thurner Syndrome) and Renal Vein Compression (Nutcracker Syndrome). Both can cause vericose veins and due to increased compression will worsen with age. They also cause exercise intolerance and weakness due to blood being blocked at these sites and having to take other veins around and back to the heart. If you want more info or have any questions private message me I'm glad to help.
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