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Polyclonal gammapathy but Igm is high. Elevated kappa free light chain

Hi, I am a 30 yrs old man. I got exposed to toxic chemical fumes (possible carcinogens) for 30min ~ 4 months ago. I developed (a) frontal (forehead and temple area) headache all the time and (b) pain on the rib wall. (c) Recently I started having numbness feeling in my hand fingers. (d) Have had few drops of blood in the dry nasal mucus from right nostril few times, or trace of blood when I blow my nose sometimes.

Abnormal Blood work: High Igm (497 (Lab max. 230)), Elevated Gamma Globulin (1.7 (Lab max. 1.6). Increased polyclonal immunoglobulins. My free light chain kappa appears increased (2.41 ), but lambda is w/in the range (1.94 <Lab max. 2.63), and kappa/ lambda is w/in range (1.24, ).

Recently had a nuclear med bonescan and it showed that abnormality in the 7th rib near posterior axillary line on right side;

Normal Blood work: CBC, CMP, ESR, CRP, CK, Vit D, Vat B12,Diabetese, Hep. A/B/C, Complement 3 &4, Rhematoid factor, ANA, LACTATE DEHYDROGENASE, DNA AUTOABS DOUBLE STRANDED, SCLERODERMA ANTIBODY SCL 70, ENA ANTIBODIES (SM AND SM/RNP). All came normal

Eco, Lungs CT angio, Head CT and Head MRI, Chest Xray. They all came normal.

If I search on the web for high Igm, I am getting links for Myloma, and WM. Dr. said that I have polyclonal gamma globulin so I don’t have them, but I wonder if I can still have these disease even Igm is polyclonal? My symptoms are persistent so I know there is something wrong causing high Igm. Any suggestion for any test, or what could be wrong w/ me would be heartly appreciated? I was very healthy since last 8 years and never had any health issues until this chemical inhalation. Thanks very much. Regards.
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Ravi, what happened, I have the same exact situation??? Feeling horrible with polyclonal Igm, high kappa.  
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