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Sunday Weigh In August 2, 2020

Good morning.  I hope everyone is doing well this morning.  It looks like it's going to be another pretty hot day here and right now, the sun is shining.  I'm not sure how long that's going to last as we have Tropical Storm (for now) Isaias bearing down on us.  The last I read, it's not supposed to become a hurricane again, but it's always hard to tell with these things.  Certain conditions can change them pretty quickly.  It's supposed to stay off the east coast, when means that those of us inland shouldn't get much besides a little rain and maybe a bit of wind - nothing to write home about.  Again, we stay vigilant because small changes in circumstances can make a difference in how the storm behaves.

It's been a pretty quiet week for me.  Although our lock downs have been pretty much lifted, we stay home most of the time due to the fact that many people refuse to wear the recommended masks and/or maintain social distancing.  It makes for a pretty calm existence, for sure when you can't go out and do anything except shop for necessities and return home.  We see how much we can really get by without.   :-)

I had blood work done on Wednesday.  That included the thyroid panel, along with testing that my pcp does on a regular basis and some different things my neuro ordered to see if we can figure out why I have such horrible muscle cramps.  The medication the neuro gave me made me feel like I wasn't "with it" so I only took it for a few days... I may try it again, later, but will wait for all the blood work to come back and possibly try some other things first.  

My thyroid blood work showed my TSH higher than it was 6 weeks ago, though still within the "normal" range.  Actual thyroid hormone levels (Free T4 and Free T3) are still below ranges, but my endo doesn't look at those.  I haven't heard from him (endo), so I don't know what, if anything he'll be willing to do.  It would seem that since my TSH only continues to go higher, he'd be willing to increase my dosage by more than the 1/2 extra pill he allowed for Sunday only... That still makes me laugh to think he increased by 1/2 pill one day/week when the medication does no good if not taken every day...

Anyway - I think I've been able to stop the weight gain, though it's fluctuating a lot because I've started retaining fluid pretty badly again.   As of yesterday, I was pretty close to the same as last week.  I haven't weighed this morning, but will do that later and post.  

I've been trying to cut down on the total amount of food I'm eating, plus trying to shift back to more healthy items vs the sandwiches and chips that are so quick and easy for summer.   We've spent so much time at home, it's becoming difficult to come up with things to cook since husband isn't very adventurous and doesn't like to try a lot of new things.  Nor does he eat, either, chicken or fish - that limits the possibilities considerably.  

I'm still trying to get a walk in most days, although that's difficult since I'm limited to early morning/late evening due to the heat.  Once it cools down a bit (hopefully, later this month), it should be a lot easier.  I do have the treadmill, but it's hard to stay focused on that because - well, quite frankly, it's boring!!

Anyway, that's my week.  I hope you reached whatever goal(s) you set for yourself and look forward to hearing about your week.  

~~Wishing everyone a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**

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Barb, I've said before that if a doc isn't listening, you need a new doc, but you always say they are all the same. You might try calling your pharmacist and saying you lost your pills so you can get a new bottle, and then dole them out to yourself a quarter of a pill a day on top of your present level, and then see how you do. If it makes you feel better and you have other good results, then tell the doctor what you did and get your levels checked again and see what the doc says. Hate to suggest taking matters into your own hands, but really, if the doctor is not listening, what can you do?

I managed to knock off a half pound from last week. I think it's because I gritted my teeth and didn't snack, but it could also be that my last week's weight was up due (perhaps) to that salty, salty meal of ham hocks and black-eyed peas the night before I weighed. lol  Don't care, I'll take it. A half pound drop is actually really encouraging. I was beginning to believe, like you said last week, Barb, that I could starve and not lose weight.

Our weather the past week has been hot (100 degrees several days), but we're looking to a week of more seasonal temperatures (82-84 in the daytime and cooler at night). My son and I began to walk a loop in our neighborhood at night, it's an easy uphill and simple downhill loop of a quarter mile, so we walk four of them in the dark and feel like we've done something. Our cat often goes with us, running from one neighbor's house to the next and peeking at us from under the car in their driveway at one house and under their porch furniture at the next house. She might be hunting us -- practicing for the day when she needs to take down some big game.

Other than those little walks, I'm doing not much for exercise, and here is my husband going running and getting sixteen thousand steps a day. I need a project that forces me to lift or dig -- we did do some gardening yesterday when the temperature came down from the spate of hot days; got some blooming things into the ground and readjusted a couple of plants that didn't work where they are. If I can con myself into believing that a lot needs to be done in the garden, I might have my new exercise motivation.

Have a great week!

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I certainly won't argue that I need a different doctor, but then as I've said, most are about like this - they put more importance on labs than they do on symptoms and when we don't feel well, they simply blame us - we're not eating well enough, exercising enough whatever the case may be.  

I totally agree with you about self-medicating... it's something I don't ever advise anyone to do, but in the past, I've done exactly what you're recommending.  I always keep any medications left over when dosages are changed so I have some extras.  :-)   When I had my very first endo, I used to start taking a part of a pill daily (or a whole pill every few days) to give myself a small increase in dosage, then I'd tell him what I'd done.  He'd usually respond with an increase in line with whatever extra I'd been taking.  I had to be careful this time because I want this doctor to see that the treatment he's trying to force on me isn't working, so I've had to not take extra (or as much as I needed).  Now that I've done my blood work, I can start self-medicating simply because I'm desperate.  

I'm glad you're down the half pound.  That always feels good doesn't it?  You can pretty well figure that the extra weight last week was your salty meal from the night before.

I've almost forgotten what it's like to step on the scale and see that it's down from the last time... I checked the patient portal at my doctor's office to see what weight they recorded when I was there at the end of April... I've gained 15 pounds since then!!  

It's great that you and your son are doing the walking.  You get to spend time together and get some exercise at the same time.   Gardening is excellent exercise - pulling weeds, hoeing and even mowing grass.  Mowing day is my biggest exercise day... I do about 2 hrs behind a push mower, so there's lots of walking, pushing and pulling involved.  After I've done my mowing, my weight usually drops a pound or so the following day, but lately, it's been coming right back up again so I can figure it's only water weight I'm losing because I sweat so much in our 90° + heat.  

We're starting to get rain from the outer bands of the Tropical Storm... it sounds like it's going to remain a TS and not become a hurricane again, which is good.  I think about all we're going to get is the rain.  We need that so I won't complain too much.  :-)

Have a good week.  
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