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Sunday Weigh In - May 29, 2022

Good morning... I'm sorry about the late post; it's been a hectic morning already.  I hope everyone is getting started with a nice day and having a good, safe Memorial weekend.  It's bright and sunny here, looks like a beautiful day, though I know it will be very hot as the day goes on.  I'll take that over some of the alternatives I've been hearing about around the country.  

My post will be pretty short this morning as it's been pretty quiet here lately.   Friday was my monthly hair cut and I spent most of yesterday hosting a Zoom class for calligraphy.  It was a class on how to write calligraphy with a pointed brush - pretty difficult for me, but I'm getting the hang of other styles, so if I keep practicing, I'll get the hang of this, as well.  

I'm still watching the amounts of food I'm eating and although I haven't weighed this morning, on Friday, I was down a pound from last week.  Yay - I'll take it.  I did cook a ham that was a bit salty, so I wouldn't be surprised if I've gone up a pound or 2 since then, but at long as I know it's fluid, I can live with it.   My doctor told me I could double up on my fluid pills, if I had days in which I retained more, so I might have to do that later.  It does make a huge difference, both in my weight and the way I feel.  

I've been trying to make sure I do some simple stretches every day as it does help with my muscle cramps.  Even though I'm not doing anything strenuous, it does seem to help with the weight, as well.  Probably, just the movement is what what helps.  

I've already got lunch in the oven and am on my way out to work in my shop today.  I spent one early in the week getting it all cleaned up (as much as you can clean up sawdust that infiltrates every nook and cranny).  I have orders for 2 pens that I need to deliver on Tuesday, so I'm going to work on those today.   I also have pieces cut for a quilt rack I'm making for a contest for our woodworking club.   I'll finish that over the next week, as I just have to drill holes and screw it together.  

Anyway, lunch is cooking and I'm off to get busy.  I hope you've all had a great week and reached whatever goal(s) you set for yourself.  

~~Have a wonderful, successful week~~

**Stay safe and wash your hands**
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Hi, I was up about a pound last night, but the previous week I had dropped more than three pounds, so it's no problem (or much of a surprise -- I'm suspicious when a lot of weight comes off at once that at least some of the loss will be temporary). My son and I had just eaten a big sushi dinner, too, which of course involved salt! My guess is that the other two and a half pounds will stay off, though. I'm on my feet all the time -- we're caulking and painting and hammering and lifting and toting, and everything is under time pressure so I can't loll around. If we want the fridge and stove to be back in the house, I've got to paint that kitchen! :-)

Nice to have a long weekend. My son has some homework to catch up, and my husband and I are enjoying the break from "get sleeping teenager up in the morning" duty for a couple of days. We've got some beautiful salvia to plant, a nice weekend thing to do. It is blooming electric blue. I've read that some salvia is annual and some is perennial, and am hoping this particular one comes back each year, it's so pretty. Not that we need more tasks!

The fence is finally installed at the new house, with only a few places where the ground dips a bit below the bottom wire. Once we get those filled, we can bring the dogs to the new house. They've been having a romp at the farm (I hope they haven't reverted to wolves) but now it's time for them to move back to the city. They've been away for three weeks, and the neighbors say that when they take a walk, our dogs run the fence line barking at them as they walk by. Hate to think what their opinion of us as neighbors is! It has sure taken a long time to do this fence thing, and the guy who put it in really didn't even want the job, but he did it. We had to fix the corner posts (his were wobbly) but all else was good except those high spots at the bottom. Luckily we can take care of those ourselves.

I'm glad to have trivial things to think of and do, because my heart is broken over the shooting in Uvalde. What incompetence on the part of the police. The poor kids and their poor families. I can't even watch the news.

Hope everyone has a successful week.

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Well, since you know why you’re up a pound after being down 3, you’re still doing well.   Unfortunately, the salt/sodium can do us in (weight wise) pretty quickly.  That’s like my eating ham - yeah, we know the result of that.  If I eat something like that and gain a couple of pounds, it’s not a worry.

It sounds like you’re moving right along with the new house.  I guess a stove and fridge are pretty important.  I’m sorry you’re the one who has to paint the kitchen though.  Of course, that’s me because I hate painting walls/ceilings.   I was redoing a bedroom years ago and planned to put wood paneling on one wall, then paint the other 3.  I got the paneling on the one wall and started painting.  I got 2 of the 3 walls done and decided that I hated painting, so I bought paneling to match for the 3rd wall.   The last time we had walls/ceilings painted, we hired someone to do it.  :-)

I’m sure you’re enjoying not having to wake up teenager for a right now.  How much school does he have left?  Can’t be much. I think our schools ended this past week.  

Great that your fence finally got installed, but maybe the dogs will be disappointed to have to move into town and be fenced, once they’ve been running around at the farm.  

Yes, the news hasn’t been real encouraging lately.  The Uvalde shooting was such a tragedy.  I’m glad I don’t have kids in school anymore so I don’t have to deal with that level of incompetence, but it scares me because I have a lot of family/friends who do have to worry about it.

Enjoy your week.  
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