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UK members- How quickly were you diagnosed?

Hi all, just found this group and it's been very informative especially since I have had no medical contact since my diagnosis and so am getting all my info from the internet.

So my story is I have suffered severely with hip, sacroiliac knee and ankle pain since I was 4 months pregnant with my now 2 tyear old son. I was wheelchair bound for 4 months and spent around 6 months barely able to leave the house I also breastfed for 6 months. I was first diagnosed with SPD (Pelvic Girdle Pain) however this typically should clear up within 6 months of stopping breast feeding. I have had all kinds of MRIs Xrays, blood tests, physio, pain clinics etc. I also suffer with knee, ankle and wrist pain (my wrist is due to operative damage so that at least is explained). Anyway last year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and sent on a course of physio and awareness,  it was group sessions and this course showed my I didn't have fibro. I spoke to my physio and GP and they agreed. I was sent for a second opinion from Rheumy who also agreed I didn't have Fibro but sent me away without any answers. For a long time I just continued with physio. However instead of improving my pain has gotten worse, I am more and more exhausted (I do have a sleepless son, a full time job and a Graduate Diploma in Law to contend with but this tiredness is indescribable) and I am having cognitive problems- for instance every exam I have sat on this course I have got a first class mark, my exam two weeks agao I was unable to think or remember at all, anything I wrote was nonsense and my lecturers made me conclude the sessiona nd I am resitting in August due to extenuating circumstances.

In November last year I saw a Rheumy, he seemed extremely thorough, he gave me the explanation for my wrist problems and I was with him for 2 hours undergoing physical examination, questions, ultra sound scans and xrays and blood tests. At the end he said I had complex regional pain syndrome and I should continue with pain meds (bleurgh) and physio.

My copy of the letter never arrived and due to worsening symptoms I went to my GP, she said she'd had the letter and went through it with me and suggested I needed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to cope with my stresses!!! (Grr). Anyway a week later I received a letter showing my Vitamin D was at 7.5 ng so severely deficient. I received blood test results from the beginning of november at the end of january after having seen on the Rheumy's letter that he said the Vit D bloods were normal!! Sorry for the essay but I am very angry at the treatment I have received and I wondered if this kind of nonchalance and move to make it "all in your head" was usual? Have any of you complained about treatment? Have any of you had results go missing like mine did? I am also worried that my 7.5 must be much lower now as it has been winter and due to working full time and pain I barely see daylight anymore!!

Anyway any of you that have finished this epic, thank you so much and I look forward to reading your replies. :-)
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