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Von Willebrand and Fibromyalgia

So another topic I have been trying find people in the same predicament (sp) as me.  I was diagnosed with von Willibreand disease recently.  For those that don't know it is a bleeding disorder.  Not long after that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  So here is my issue.  With the von Willibrand I can not take anti-inflamitories.  I have 4 children at home so I do not like taking certain pain meds.  What kinds of things does everyone use to help with painful flare ups.  I have a heating pad but that only does so much.

I look forward to hearing all of your reccommendations
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I have vwd 2a and although I cant take most anti inflammatories when I went to hospital with a nasty shoulder tear they gave me arthrotec which is an anti-inflam but with a special ingredient to protect your stomach lining. I'm in the UK though so realise things are different in other countries
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