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Niacin for eyes
I have been placed on Niacor to raise my HDLs (both HDL and LDH are very low). I had an eye injury to left eye and now c...
Statins and Hep C
After clearing the virus Geno 2b in (09) and having good enzymes levels now ( AST 34, ALT 24 ) my Dr wants to increase my...
Any alternative drug therapy for statins?
High cholesterol runs in my family so even with diet and exercise my numbers are still a little high. I started getting h...
HIV drug Maraviroc prevents liver fibrosis
This drug is already approved for HIV & according to new research it prevents fibrosis or Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Li...
Which CHOLESTEROL Med is best with Cirrhosis?
Now that my Hep C is gone the doctors want to address my high Cholesterol. So, I will turn to the real experts.... ALL O...
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