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By OVCIndia Blank
Dr My mom was diagnosed with stg IV Grade 3 OVC in Nov 07. At diag her CA was 4900. She had neo-adjuvant chemo wi...
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pchastainFeb 12, 2010
JC145Jun 29, 2009
JC145Apr 22, 2009
JC145Apr 09, 2009
By JC145 Blank
Good morning. I was dx in 6/06 with PPC Grade IIIC. Ca 900+ pre surg, 117 post surg. Dropped to 8 with IP/IV Cispl...
306594 tn?1443391457
By Aussie000 Blank
Dear Doctor My mother has stage 4 OvCa, DX May 2005 and is now into her 4th year. She has recenly finished a comb...
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By gstrathy Blank
My partner has been diagnosed with stage 1c ovarian cancer and must undergo chemo. After debulking all biopsies and p...
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By maliksawan Blank
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By tammyp44 Blank
Hello, I am new to this forum and have seen many questions pertaining to Hydrea and their loss of hair. Most of thes...
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By bloodyheartb5 Blank
I am 17 years of age, and have a pretty large lump on my left bottom shin. I have had this lump for at the very least...
869771 tn?1239659469
By bev1750 Blank
I had a lumpectomy on December 17th and have completed my last chemo last Thursday, I receive Neulasta the day after ...
Avatar n tn
By watercrazy Blank
I get Medicare in 4 months. I have HER2nue positive and hormone receptive right sided breast cancer. I had a total ...
Avatar n tn
By caroline29 Blank
Is Toxotere and andvinonelbine, is a second line of treatment for patient with gastroesophageal stage 4 cancer. ?
Avatar n tn
By denistd Blank
I will be having three ronds of chemotherapy (along with 35 bouts of radiation) in a week or two. This treatment is f...
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AL190Nov 08, 2009
By katherine48 Blank
has anyone else out there had a problem with rashes popping up a day or two after chemo? i am currently getting taxat...
Avatar n tn
By annepiney Blank
In treating ovarian cancer that is now apppearing in these lymph nodes as well as a pretracheal node...would you c...
766667 tn?1259868922
By Tropic53 Blank
Hi I went through 8 months of Peg-Intron treatment for hepatitis C. I did achieve a SVR, but I am still having man...
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ma06Mar 24, 2010
marie3BMar 31, 2009
By bradleeyt Blank
Dear All Goodman Doctors, my wife 39 is diagnosed with only left mucinious cystadecarcinoma ovarian cancer upstaged t...
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teclaAug 10, 2009
My friend (37 years old) was diagnosted with OVCA stage 4 on jun/2007. She had CA125= 9600. Till now she got carbo ...
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By phyl914 Blank
Which chemotherapy drugs are advised for the above-mentioned breast cancer?
801514 tn?1273680386
By MinnieWM Blank
I am a 57 year old woman diagnosed with Stage 1c clear cell ovarian cancer. My doctor is recommending 3 cycles of ca...
431950 tn?1262822914
By Trisha58 Blank
I am getting ready to start Doxil chemo tomorrow because I am having recurrent ovarian/peritoneal cancer. I was in r...
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By Prissy8787 Blank
I am a 38 year old women and found a lump or in grown pimple in the lower part of my breast. It is an orange/red colo...
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