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IgG P93 Ab. Absent IgG P66 Ab. Absent IgG P58 Ab. Absent IgG P45 Ab. Present IgG P41 Ab. Present IgG P39 Ab. Present IgG P30 Ab....
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Is the IGenex testing for coinfections at least as accurate as the Lyme testing through them?? I know it's nowhere close to 100%. But I...
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  Msjj831,    Msjj831
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Just wanted to see if anyone knows if co-infections such as bartonella, parvovirus, cytomegalovirus, and HHV6 could cause low CD57 counts...
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it seems like there are a lot of people with questions related to CD57. It would be nice to have a doctor give an overview of the marker...
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For years I've had joint pain, that has become progressively worst over the last 2 years. Other symptoms includes rapid heart beats, bad...
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Hi everyone, I'm a French girl (sorry for mistakes) searching for answers. I'm in good health, but the problem isn't from me, but from ...
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I just finished a very aggressive treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma in August 2010. I have been trying to recoup, but I have had so many s...
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Hi all. I have symptoms of LD. Even some people suggested that I might have it. But this is the problem. I have health anxiety.(hypoch...
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Hey everyone, I'm about 3 months into Lyme treatment. Most of my symptoms have disappeared or improved but I still have pretty bad pain...
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Dear Doctor, I am suffefering from so many symptoms for almost 5 years now but no clue for what's happening. When my illness started I...
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Anyone know of a Lyme specialist near Oklahoma City?
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Hello guys, I have several health problems, some are urological (strange pain in urethra that lasts still and frequent urination) but I'...
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Went fishing 4/21/2017 found tick deeply embedded 4/25/2017 woke up covered in purple non itchy spots and severe stiff neck and flu sympt...
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I woke up last week with a very painful, golf ball sized lump in my armpit. I went straight to the doctor and he said it isnt a lymph nod...
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I have been suffering for severe Lyme related symptoms (general constant flu like symptoms, fatigue, heart palpitations, joint pain, gene...
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I am 25 year old male and have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease about 3 months ago. After 2-3 years of seeing doctors I finally found out...
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Hi, JackieCalifornia, Wonko, Carrie and all, I can't tolerate many more days on cats claw - in fact I had to drop back to just one dro...
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Hi, We are looking for LLMD in the Long Island NY area? My mother has become very ill suddenly about 2 months ago with fatigue,crazy PAIN...
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Hello. Does anyone know of a Lyme Literate Doctor in or aroung the Pittsburgh are? I would really appreciate any info. Thank you!
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Hi guys; I am having low wbc (3800) and low cd4 count (428),but tested hiv negative. I am having white tongue, rash on face and chest, ...
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