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This forum is for questions and support regarding What Causes Lyme Disease, Diagnosing Lyme Disease, and Joint Pain. Topics for discussion also include Living with Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, other Tick Borne Diseases, Nervous System issues, Prevention, Risk Factors, Skin Disorders, Symptoms and Treatments

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By Jordanalanis
Fiest lyme test was positive so they retested and said negative amd that it must be something autoimmune however 2 an...
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nick24247 hours
bnow23May 10, 2014
worththewait78Aug 05, 2011
JackieCaliforniaAug 04, 2011
DaniB51Aug 04, 2011
By DaniB51 Blank
Does anyone else experience an exacerbation of symptoms when the weather changes? I am bedridden when rain is near a...
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KewpistJun 22
JackieCaliforniaOct 05, 2015
BrokenArrow25Oct 05, 2015
JackieCaliforniaSep 14, 2015
sunnylauSep 14, 2015
By IndigoRiley Blank
I have aged noticeably since i got sick. <My skin has gotten sooo THIN and deep wrinkles all within 2-3yrs. I am just...
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Rag123876Jun 21
user97203Dec 03, 2014
JackieCaliforniaDec 03, 2014
Gaucho25Dec 02, 2014
JackieCaliforniaDec 02, 2014
By Gaucho25 Blank
Hi guys, i have been out of this forum for a while. I wanted to tell you that, for those of you who dont know me, i w...
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Rag123876Jun 21
blamomJan 27, 2012
JackieCaliforniaJan 26, 2012
mojogalJan 25, 2012
LemakJan 25, 2012
By mojogal Blank
I got my bubble burst big time last night. After finding the only Doctor in my area that understands Lyme,it is hush...
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By tiredofbeingfatigued
I have a cousin who lives in Louisiana. I think she got a tick bite years ago in Maryland and even had the bulls-eye...
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Yesterday me and my girlfriend decided to go intimate in my car. She asked me to finger her. As I did this my hands f...
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Somer77Jun 09
By Somer77
About 12 years ago I was put in the hospital and put on Iv antibiotics. To date the dr couldn't figure out what my pr...
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By nanvk
Hi, I don't know where to ask, or even if i could ask this question to anyone. I was bitten by a tick two years back....
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By Beth19831
A couple of years ago I had a rash that looked like a classic Lyme disease rash. I didn't develop any other symptoms ...
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Somer77Jun 04
By sunnylau
Could you have low CD 57 be enough evidence to be diagnosed with lyme? My borrelia test was negative but my CD 57 38...
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By Beth19831
A couple of years ago I had a rash that looked like a classic Lyme Disease rash - I didn't develop any other symptoms...
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By lucasseekinghelp
Hi, I have had some severe symptoms over the past year or so which started off as back pain and eventually became...
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By mommyof2kiddies
curious for others that had both a positive blood test and positive spinal tap result for lyme - what treatments were...
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CR97May 27
By CR97
I haven't been on here for awhile. I live in Wyoming and four years ago I removed a tick and didn't think much about ...
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By ArcLighter http://www.cere...
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LVGirlRNMay 27
candelabroAug 21, 2014
RicobordNov 17, 2013
mojogalNov 15, 2013
JackieCaliforniaNov 15, 2013
By harpsie Blank
Hi, I am having a bone marrow transplant in three weeks time due to severe aplastic anemia.I had quite a severe case...
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By JSad8
Hello all -- just want to get some input on some symptoms I've been experiencing the past few weeks. First, a little ...
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By WinfieldScott
I've seen 3 primary care doctors, two in ID, a cardiologist, and an oncologist. Hopefully someone here can help. I ha...
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By Herbalist_Poland
Lyme not a sentence! Poland is applied in the treatment Dipsacus fullonum in combination with Lathraea squamaria. Lat...
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