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This patient support community is for discussions relating to pregnancy, childbirth and maternity for babies due or born in November 2009.

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By Shannonandrichie5
if I use methamphetamines and marijuana when I was six and a half months pregnant will my baby's meconium or me test ...
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jenn599Jun 18, 2013
Riot_QueenOct 03, 2009
hazleyezSep 24, 2009
caz62Sep 23, 2009
hazleyezSep 22, 2009
By caz62 Blank
Im 30 weeks now and my doctor (not baby doc) pressed sore hard on my tummy that I have been in pain for 1 whole day. ...
654396 tn?1237512512
reneelattiApr 03, 2013
Lady_AriaMar 23, 2009
hope_peaceMar 14, 2009
By bearx2 Blank
Hi Ladies. I am 5 weeks pregnant. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have 1 living child. I got pregnant on my 2nd rou...
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By nutz19 Blank
Hello ladies, as out children, due November 2009, are 3, just wondering how we all was doing? How are your darling li...
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cntrygrl5387Mar 16, 2013
Stef110Apr 29, 2009
bny807Apr 29, 2009
casandbabyApr 29, 2009
Jonezy16Apr 25, 2009
By hazleyez Blank
Ok Ladies here is the New Thread of due dates. !!! please feel free to add yourself if i have missed anyone. or if yo...
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DebdvJan 18, 2013
melo1224Apr 30, 2009
By OzBron Blank
I have just found out that I have hyperthyroidism and have found that this can be a complication for those with Hyper...
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lisacindricOct 30, 2012
kaladApr 20, 2009
Mik444Apr 19, 2009
Lisa_K66Apr 09, 2009
minipocketApr 08, 2009
By Lisa_K66 Blank
Hi Everyone, I went for a vaginal ultrasound on 3/27 at exactly 7 weeks (which is accurate as we had IVF). Th...
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AnnieBrookeSep 26, 2012
By 33_33 Blank
Hello my name is misha and I've been told my uterus is tilted does that stop me from having a baby and if not is ther...
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Kayla2012May 09, 2012
AngelaBoveeMar 21, 2012
kirsty1989Apr 26, 2009
jewel88Apr 26, 2009
Jonezy16Apr 25, 2009
By bny807 Blank
Hey girls and welcome! hopefully we will all be on here together until November comes and we get to see our little mi...
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By Mrskarla Blank
Hello, I'm karla from houston texas and two days ago we found out for sure that I'm pregnant. However they only took ...
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By poshbaby Blank
I started my period on the first of jan nd finished on the fifth jan and I had sex on the sevent. Now am pregnant pls...
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jessica_cardwellMar 11, 2012
By desperate661 Blank
i took 4 home pregnancy tests which have all came out positive, then i went to the clinic and took a urine test that ...
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By jessica_cardwell Blank
Ok Idk if anyone can help me but my hcg levels last week was 2096 and i was wondering if anyone knew how many weeks t...
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By seryo Blank
i had my sugar test done and it was like really high so know they gave me a diet to follow most of the time i check m...
725941 tn?1297885809
number1smilesDec 09, 2010
rghkah38Mar 23, 2009
bny807Mar 23, 2009
By blueyes34 Blank
Hi Ladies! This may seem lke a strange question lol....I will be 5 weeks tomorrow and only 1 breast is sore and tend...
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Jonezy16Jul 15, 2010
By mbemom1 Blank
No heartbeat at 8 weeks, is this definitely a miscarriage? by mbemom1, 24 minutes ago I have been on such a rolle...
1165284 tn?1323459076
preciousfamily2010Jun 11, 2010
pollymae429Jun 03, 2010
preciousfamily2010May 28, 2010
dortiMay 27, 2010
MeMe_BrownMay 24, 2010
By Ready_2_be Blank
I am trying to reunite the IVF in January thread! Many who have gotten pregnant! I miss visiting with those gals and ...
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AnnieBrookeJun 07, 2010
By tink45725 Blank
can i eat cucumber and vinger
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KimWmsApr 24, 2010
jhunyorApr 21, 2010
By KimWms Blank
This question isn't about me but important to me. My Ex Bf cheated on me on Feb. 19th. But he didn't tell me til Apri...
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jhunyorApr 21, 2010
By lily0710 Blank
23 y/o concern about my pregnancy lmp was on 2-16-10 1st hcg level was 4922 was on 3/25 on april 1 woke up with cram...
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