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Im 30 weeks now and my doctor (not baby doc) pressed sore hard on my tummy that I have been in pain for 1 whole day. I'm so scared he has done something to LO I couldn't stand up straight for a min after he done this and I told him he p...
caz62 | Last answer
Hi Ladies. I am 5 weeks pregnant. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have 1 living child. I got pregnant on my 2nd round of Clomid (50mg). I am beginning to suspect that I might be carrying twins. I wondered if i could get someone's opi...
bearx2 | Last answer
Hello ladies, as out children, due November 2009, are 3, just wondering how we all was doing? How are your darling little ones, well not so little anymore. x
nutz19 | Posted
Ok Ladies here is the New Thread of due dates. !!! please feel free to add yourself if i have missed anyone. or if you`d like to be on the list just leave a post and I will add you :0) !!! Congratulations to all !!! nickswife -- Novem...
hazleyez | Last answer
I have just found out that I have hyperthyroidism and have found that this can be a complication for those with Hyperemsis Gravidarum form of Morning sickness. It just feels like abother thing going wrong and more doctors to see and mor...
OzBron | Last answer
Hi Everyone, I went for a vaginal ultrasound on 3/27 at exactly 7 weeks (which is accurate as we had IVF). The ultrasound showed a strong heartbeat but the doctor said the embryo size was measured at 6 weeks 1 day. He's a li...
Lisa_K66 | Last answer
Hello my name is misha and I've been told my uterus is tilted does that stop me from having a baby and if not is there a special way I should be having sex.
33_33 | Last answer
Hey girls and welcome! hopefully we will all be on here together until November comes and we get to see our little miracles FINALLY in our arms! I just wanted to get a list of due dates together! so post yours and we'll add them to a li...
bny807 | Last answer
Hello, I'm karla from houston texas and two days ago we found out for sure that I'm pregnant. However they only took a blood test. Last I had my period it was around february 9th and I haven't had a period since then. So my question is h...
Mrskarla | Posted
I started my period on the first of jan nd finished on the fifth jan and I had sex on the sevent. Now am pregnant pls is it possible.
poshbaby | Posted
i took 4 home pregnancy tests which have all came out positive, then i went to the clinic and took a urine test that came out negative, i take chlomid, but have been off for a month now, do u think i am pregnant or are the home pregnancy...
desperate661 | Last answer
Ok Idk if anyone can help me but my hcg levels last week was 2096 and i was wondering if anyone knew how many weeks tht is bc we had to guess at when my last period began plz help
jessica_cardwell | Posted
i had my sugar test done and it was like really high so know they gave me a diet to follow most of the time i check my blood it is in the range they told me (less than 140 after meals ) but i have had it higher in certain occasions my qs...
seryo | Posted
Hi Ladies! This may seem lke a strange question lol....I will be 5 weeks tomorrow and only 1 breast is sore and tender. Anyone else ever had that before? Does it mean anything? It's still very early so I'm hoping the other one will c...
blueyes34 | Last answer
No heartbeat at 8 weeks, is this definitely a miscarriage? by mbemom1, 24 minutes ago I have been on such a roller coaster, I need some sound advice. I took a pregnancy test on March 23rd which came up positive. Date of last menstr...
mbemom1 | Last answer
I am trying to reunite the IVF in January thread! Many who have gotten pregnant! I miss visiting with those gals and I hope to see them in this thread to now share this wonderful 9 months! For the girls that did not get prego I am pra...
Ready_2_be | Last answer
can i eat cucumber and vinger
tink45725 | Last answer
This question isn't about me but important to me. My Ex Bf cheated on me on Feb. 19th. But he didn't tell me til April 6th cause now she's pregnant. On April 6th she had an ultrasound that said she was 7 weeks and 2 days. She say he is t...
KimWms | Last answer
23 y/o concern about my pregnancy lmp was on 2-16-10 1st hcg level was 4922 was on 3/25 on april 1 woke up with cramping and 2 lil blood clots called my ob order a stat vaginal u/s found a heart beat 92. age was 5wks 5 days same day o...
lily0710 | Last answer
Has anyone was treated for bacterial vaginosis infection or yeast infection during first trimester. Are they common infections? What causes that? And what medicines are safe to take for treating these infections during 12w of pregnancy? ...
dorti | Last answer
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