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A group for people who would like regular buddy support on their weight loss journey. Anyone can join the group the only request from every member it to participate in teh group regularily - to share highs and lows, to be supportive and inspiring to eachother.

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I've been trying to lose weight for some time and came across a fat burner called Green-Fu which is finally working. Has anyone here tried it?
timijones10 | Posted
Just wanted to come by and say hi:) Just joined to have some support with the 100 lb weight loss I need to lose for health reasons.
sprout22 | Posted
I've been trying to lose weight and I've asked my husband to help me with my diet and exercise. He loves to bake and is constantly making cakes or cookies or cupcakes. He never wants to walk with me in the evenings. We can't afford a gym...
Rebecca325 | Last answer
Any one have any pointers, suggestions or warnings regarding the gastric sleeve procedure?
dadeshet | Posted
I need to lose about 200lbs to reach my "ideal" weight. In reality I just want to get on the right track & eat better. That means among other things portion control. I try not to think too hard about how much I need to lose, I find th...
WaywardBrain | Last answer
Would like to know how to join and add friends!!!
fatassfaith | Posted
Does anyone want to join me on a weight loss journey? My idea is to keep in touch and to encourage each other through the process of losing weight. I've been on since the 17th and have been keeping a pretty good journal. Well, if anyo...
Eddysaari | Posted
I am starting tomorrow and I am going to lose weight. I would love to it to have a friend or two to do it with me. I am starting at 272 lbs and will weight in daily. I am going to post my weekly results on here, along with a quick review...
Concha1982 | Last answer
So I just started working out with a girlfriend of mine and she some times don't want to. She say she wants to eat all her snacks first.Do you think i should give up on her? I want to lose over 100lbs and she is stressing me out with all...
Am_Mcflyy | Last answer
Hi everyone, seen all your comments and thought I would join also. Its good to hear everyone else views on how they are loosing weight. I have 67lbs to loose however I am feeling a little disheartened. I have only lost 10lbs in over t...
DD1975 | Last answer
Hello from Arkansas. I just found this website (medhelp) where I can count calories. I like it so far and hope to make encouraging friendships here. I have decided to only eat 1280 calories per day. I calculated in at 1275 today with...
momofdell3d0 | Posted
Well it was lovely and sunny and hot here in England and as a result I fell off my waggon big style - started with ice creams, then chips by the river, then chocoalte then cakes, then pastries, then soda....... as a result I am uncomfor...
Whatawoman72 | Last answer
Here we are again - another week has passed - for me it was a rough one - I missed 5 days of exerices and had 3 days of bad eating habbits - a lot of things in life took me out of my routine and I quickly lost focus and motivation - s...
Whatawoman72 | Last answer
How can I stop doing this to my self, I really want and need to loose weight for myself and my health but can't seem to do that. I need some help.... :(
Shy87 | Last answer
Well here is the first of the weigh in posts for anyone who wants to join in and have encouragement and motivation from buddies following the same journey. For me this week I am happy to see a 2.8lb weight loss. I am a little over ...
Whatawoman72 | Last answer
A little confused. Interested in joining but haven't found the right button. I'm new to medhelp but serious about losing 50lbs for health and well being. ethom
ethom | Last answer
I am new to this website and found it quite by accident. I was looking for any app that would accurately let me chart my progress in losing weight and keeping healthy and mentally fit. I've tried other programs but they didn't work for m...
Morphman | Last answer
Would people be interested in a weekly weigh in to keep us on track.... I weigh in on a Monday so will start a new thread every Monday but people can add thier own weigh in highs or lows any day during the following week.... together we ...
Whatawoman72 | Posted
Im trying to loose 35 lbs. I set some goals and so far so good, i have gone from 140 to 136 in just a little over a week :) Im just looking to add friends on here cause i know its so much easier to lose weight when you are doing it wit...
anmusselman | Last answer
OK--so I have decided that I want to lose weight. Not a lot just 12 lbs. I know it doesn't sound like much but I have been struggling with about 20lbs since I had my 3rd child. I just can't seem to get back on track. The problem is that...
Tanyaluv | Last answer
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