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Methadone Substitutes and What to do to ween off it?
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Methadone Substitutes and What to do to ween off it?

I have been placed onto Methadone for seven years now for the treatment of chronic pain from a separated lower spine and munerous cervical fusions. I was denied a wonderful job because they would not let me work while on Methadone to which they called it a narcotic. I have been on it so long I do not notice any dissiness, or impairments. Is it safe for me after being on this drug for such a long time to climb equipment, ladders etc?

Secondly, are there any good re[lacements for this drug and if so what are they?
Third, how do I come off this drug after being on for such a long time? I know withdrawls will accompany the attempt but what else is there? I do not want to keep loosing jobs because I am on a narcotic that makes pain less of an issue. Help!  Thanks!
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Hey Ricky,I too was on Methadone for 4 years,with no issues that would stop
me from driving a car or operatng machinery. I have had to total hip replacements,which the PM Dr. has prescribed meth and oxy for the cronic (chronic)
pains I'm still experiencing. I have never had a job tell me that they couldn't
hire me because of my meds,but I think I did not get a few for that reason,they
just never contacted me or totally ignored my calls. Anyway,everyone is different in the way meds make them feel,so unless you get dizzy or fall asleep easily while driving,I'd have to say you could do all the things you
mentioned. I just don't think the employers realize that they were breaking the
law by descriminating against you,just because you take legally prescribed
meds,but fighting that might just prove to be a waste of money and time. I'm not one to give advice on substitutes for Methadone,since I just stopped the
**** cold turkey like a moron. Defineately not the most civilized,or smart thing
to do,but here I am,after 10 days of hell,and still fighting.Just don't do anything
hastily,like I did. Make sure you research the heck out of whatever substitute
or program you choose.There is a drug called Suboxone or something that has
helped alot to people get off Methadone properly. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Hang in there.
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