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Can anyone tell me what to expect after the first year with no hormones...
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Can anyone tell me what to expect after the first year with no hormones at all

I am 54 years old and had a total redical hysterectomy in Sept 2010. My Dr has not said anything about hormones. I did pretty good for about 6 months and then I started to notice a lot of rage and anger. I take Trazadone to sleep so I get good sleep but I noticed that since about Nov, I am exhausted all of the time. I can sleep 12 or more hours a day. I lose my patience a lot and I say things that are really off the wall. My marriage is suffering really bad. I have no sexual desire whatsoever and I don't want to be touched or snuggled. I more or less want to be left alone. I take everything very personally. My appetite has decreased, I could stand to lose a little anyway. I get by if I spend most of my time alone. I don't want to go out to dinner any more and I keep my friends at bay. My husband doesn't know what to think. He says I say things in anger and he wonders if I even remember saying them.  The last year has been terrible for us. We used to work together, play together, just be together 24/7. Now we just don't want to be together at all. Do any wemon get over this without hormones? I have breast cancer heavy in my family and I had the op because of stage 9 uterine cancer. No one knew it was there because it grew from the inside out and there just were no signs of it before. I didn't have radiation or chemo after, and the 7 hour operation included biopsing everything in my body they could reach. But they tok all of the female parts. I don't get many hot flashes at all but boy I don't want to be around anyone. I prefer to totally be alone. About 1 day a week I just blow up and it isn't pretty. Has anyone gone through this?  Any suggestions
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Hi LeAnn,

I sent a message to you... I apologize for not posting more here. I have been strapped for time. If you have trouble retrieving the message, let me know...

From here you can click on my profile to read my journal entries, too, by the way (suggested in my message... )

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