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What cysts are blood-filled? What causes them and are the consequenses?
I was told I have a 4 centimeter blood-filled cyst. What kind of cyst could it be?

I had an IUD for 5 years since I was 19 because I couldn't tolerate the side-effects of birth control pills. My periods were very heavy and I immediately had terrible cramps and pain before and during mensturation, but my Dr said it was normal with an IUD. I began noticing especially sharp unbearable pains when I was on the heaviest days of my period and had to pass gas or a bowel movement. These sharp pains usually lasted only a couple seconds during general painful cramping. I also developed sytoms similar to IBS.

In February (i'm now 24), I began getting the usual cramps, and the sharp shooting pains, but instead of lasting seconds at a time, it plateaued and lasted for almost a whole hour. The pain was excruciating, I had to call 911 but was in so much pain I couldn't even talk to the operator. At the hospital they took out my IUD and tested me for STDs and PID, but everything was fine. I was treated for PID anyway "just in case". I had an ultrasound and several cysts were found. A month later, another ultrasound revealed the cysts had resolved themselves except for 1 that was 4 centimeters big on my left ovary. An MRI showed it was filled with blood, says the doctor. A few months later I had anoher episode of pain, though not nearly as bad, it left me with difficulty walking for days because it was still sore. I've had less menstural cramps but more general pain and soreness in my abdomen and pelvic area since. I also had a UTI for the first time. 6 months later I've had another MRI. I get the results tomorrow.

Is a 4cm blood-filled cyst endometrioma? Does it sound like I have endometriosis? Is that why I have cramps? Or was it the IUD? Could I just have a large functional cyst that was filled with blood? What is the "fluid" that supposedly filled a functional cyst?

Could the extreme pain I had come from torsion/twisting or rupture? What if the cyst is not gone, will I need surgery? For a 4cm cyst, would I need open surgery?

What is the impact on my fertility? I am about to turn 25, but do not want to have children until my mid30s.
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