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This patient support community is for discussions relating to ovarian cysts.

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20002005Jul 25
Sugarx2Apr 02
old_before_my_timeBlankSep 27, 2014
cowsrock48Sep 26, 2014
By Anarane Blank
Hi, everyone. I'm fairly certain that I'm worrying over nothing, but I've seen a lot of sense in this forum, so ho...
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By Favourbee
How do I deal with ovarian cyst. Am 11 weeks pregnant
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ArielJ54Jul 25
ArielJ54Jul 25
old_before_my_timeBlankMay 12, 2015
DOVE71May 12, 2015
Mct30May 09, 2014
By KNS1975 Blank
I often read "too much" when I have a health concern, but judging by what I am experiencing after having a large derm...
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By Nomesy
Hi, I had a removal of an ovarian tumour plus ovary and tube removal. They did a midline incision about 20cm long. ...
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By Beachfeets
Hi Eileen611,I am 55 years old have had 2 csecs and also am post menopausal. I just had both ovaries removed with t...
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By bmom89
Hi. I am a 26 year old mother of an 8 year old. I am not currently sexually active. My hormones are all in range but ...
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By Riamia111
Since last year my periods have been irregular. I am 53. I would have a period for a couple of months, then not for...
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By frankie428 Blank
Six months ago I had an US and found a 4cm complex cyst in my right ovary. I just had my repeat US and found a "nodu...
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By mynextvacation
I wanted to share my story hoping it might help others as I had trolled these boards fanatically before my surgery fo...
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Pk9Jul 16
old_before_my_timeBlankFeb 03, 2015
DreamstobepainfreeFeb 02, 2015
MarieMicheleMay 23, 2010
msfrikinsunshineMay 23, 2010
By msfrikinsunshine Blank
Hi, I'm a 23 year old R.N. who was recently diagnosed with a 'septated ovarian cyst.' My first symptom was my per...
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wonstedJul 15
MarciamropoNov 15, 2011
By barnzy627 Blank
.Hi I'm 32 and was diganosed with ovarian cysts years ago, my problem is I've been really sick for @ 2 yrs and recent...
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By KrishM
I missed periods for two months. This is the first time that has happened to me. I went to a VOG doctor. He told I a...
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By carolbp
My recent transvaginal ultrasound came up with the following reading. What dos it mean? 1.6cm separated rt ovarian c...
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DivyakoJun 29
JenmasterApr 25, 2014
clowneaterNov 19, 2013
tdnewmanSep 10, 2013
By traycek Blank
I received news that I have a hemorrhagic cyst. My doctor can't see me until the 30th. My question before I get there...
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By Nfargo143
Did you ever find out I just had laprascopic surgery to rule out endometriosis the only thing the found were 2 stapl...
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Gamy78Jul 05
Gamy78Jul 01
By Gamy78
I have two dear old tumors-one is 55x52x40 cm and the other one is measuring 90x82x54 cm. I have had both an ultraso...
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By Pilis123
Hi everyone, I am 23 years old and I was just diagnosed with a 17.5 cm dermoid ovarian cyst. I was quite grossed out ...
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By Ashes02
I had an ovarian cyst removed on Tuesday 6/21. My doctor told me to go back to work the following Monday. I have been...
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By SassyLassie
Well, I am back. Just a month or so again, I decided to continue with the treatment, it had been a year. I called ...
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By painterchic Blank
It's been almost 2 weeks since my laproscopic surgery, I have learned alot both from experiencing it and talking to y...
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