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ultrasound results - can anyone please help me understand them more
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ultrasound results - can anyone please help me understand them more

I have a multi nodular goitre and an enlarged thyroid on my right side.
I had a biopsy done in 2008, all normal of one nodule.
Had ultrasound done yesterday and some things said I don't understand, and the GP was no help either.

In my report -
Comparison was made with previous ultrasound done in Feb 2008.
The dominant right lobe thyroid nodule has further increased in size and currently measures about 39 x 35 x 32mm
It shows more areas of cystic degeneration with lesser solid component.
It remains well defined with hypoechioc halo
No unusual in creased vascularity is seen.
Another more solid appearing nodule is seen in the upper pole of the right lobe measuring 23 x 18 x 19mm
On the left lobe there are a couple of smaller nodules in the mid and lower pole of 11mm and 12mm size
Overal thyroid gland vascularly is normal
Few prominent jugular chain nodes are seen in the right mid neck
The larger node measures about 11 x 5mm
Compared to the previous ultrasound from 2008 the right thyroid dominant nodule has continued to grow in size and shows further areas of cystic degeneration
It is likely to be a hyperplastic colloidal degenerative nodule
It does not show any other ultrasound features
A few other thyroid nodules are also present

I will also be getting bloods done ASAP

I am also going to get biopsy done
Should I be concerned about this ultrasound report at all????
I am quite worried
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Absence of blood flow and calcifications in many cases associated with benign nodule; however biopsy is necessary step to evaluate solid and cystic matter. Lymph node changes may be related to the inflammatory process.
The biopsy priority should be given to the nodules with blood flow and microcalcification
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Thanks for your reply

Another question though, could it be cancerous, as its gotten bigger??
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Colloid nodules are not turning to cancer as they grow, but:
a NEW cancerous nodule may grow within the nodule ("nodule in nodule")
a biopsy failed to recognize malignant nodule at the first place
Therefore during follow up development of irregular borders, mirocalcification and internal blood flow should prompt to another biopsy
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Please keep us posted.  Looks like you've gotten some great advice above.

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No results today yet
They told me Thursday or Friday this week
They had 5 attempts to do biopsy and every time there was not enough what ever it is they need, it was mostly blood.
Hopefully they will have enough, so I don't have to redo the procedure.
The Dr who did it was really good, no pain at all.
He told me it looks benign on the ultrasound.
The first ultrasound I had the lady told me it looked like a hyperplastic colloidal degenerative nodule, and the Dr who did the biopsy said it also looked benign but called it a hemorrhagic nodule I think it was.

He wrote all this in a report and sent to my G.P.
Also said it should come out as its 4cm
And the lab apparantly had 5 dishes with my cells, I don't know what the correct number is, I just hope it was enough.
They also said they have to add stuff to them, thats why most likely results will be in end week.

My Dr also mentioned that my glands were  up, compared to last ultrasound in 2008.
My glands are now down though, and prior having the ultrasounds, I had really sore and enlarged glands, and a rotten cold lasting about a month.
So even my Dr said this is probably why the glands appeared enlarged on the ultrasound.

I'm still worried about the results.
The guy who was there making sure they had enough cells told me I should have the results back in couple days.

So why is it taking so long, I had biopsy done last Thursday and today is Monday.....
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Hi i was thinking what happen what was ur result i now u post this from feb but if u can tell us what happen i hope ur fine take care plz
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