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Labs and US
Here I am again.  I received my new lab work and Ultra sound results:
US:  The right lobe measure 1.3x5.1x1.3 cm. The left lobe measures 2.3x4.9x2.3cm.  The isthmus measures 3mm.  Both lobes and the isthmus demostrate uniform echotexture.  There is a 6mm hypoechoic solid nodule centered in the right lobe.There are two large nodules within the left thryoid lobe.  The larger, more superior lesion measures 2.0x2.1x2.2 cm and is a mixed cystic and solid not nodule.  The slightly smaller, more inferior nodule is an extirely solid isoechoic mass that measures 1.6x1.5x1.4cm.  No abnormal vascularity.  No suspicious calcifications.

Blood work:
Bun/Creatinine 34  ref range 8-27
T4 Free 1.38  ref range 082-1.77
TSI: 213  ref range 0-139
TSH: 0.006 ref range .450-4.5   Test done in June was TSH of 0.01
Thyroid peroxidase TPO:  35  ref range 0-34

I just had an uptake done last week.  I go back to my endo on the 21st of Oct.  When I saw the endo last week he told me that I have Graves and Hashimoto and called it hashitoxicosis.  But he still says I am hyperthyroid.  I don't understand all of this.  I have symptoms of both hypo and hyper.  

What kind of questions should I be asking at my next vist?

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