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Thyroid problems and bromelain
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Thyroid problems and bromelain


I'm a 22 years old, 170 pounds, 6' tall somewhat healthy male. I say somewhat healthy because I never was like the boys of my age for a lot of reasons and I've been searching for most of my life for a better me.

First of all, I never felt the same energy levels as other people, I've been the kind of person who's tired even after nights of 10 or 11 hours of sleep for most of my life. I think it got worst in the recent years. I would get extremely tired during the day if I had only 7 hours of sleep.

Also, I was shy to go shirtless when I was young because even dough I was slim, I had some kind of boobs. They are still there today but I trained and my pecs hide them a bit. As far as training goes, I wanted to be bulky and muscular for most of my life and trained with good technique and proper nutrition for a long time but hit a plateau soon in my life and I've always been weaker physically than everybody else no matter how hard I tried. I ended up gaining fat but no muscle.

I also always felt that I had lower testosterone levels because I had less aggressivity or drive for challenge or sports than my friends. Instead of being exiting, sports where scary for me for most of my life. I've been sensitive to cold most of my life too and I even hated winter because of that and was cold as hell while my friends where fine.

Also, I remember having thick black hair when I was young but I don't remember losing it because it was probably so gradual, but now my hair is so thin and scarce that I have to shave or else I look stupid.

Sexually, I was plagued with premature ejaculation for as long as I can remember and my sexual life as been greatly affected because of a lack of confidence because of that.

Finally, my beard never grew and I hardly have some kind of mustache. No hair whatsoever on my belly or chest either. Some of my muscles have also always been really tight and my hamstrings are even causing me problems like knee pain if I run.

This might be unrelated, and I'll explain why later but I've also been plagued with abundant headaches and bad allergies for most of my life.

About two years ago, being fed up of living this life and having read all the hype about the raw food died, I tried it and stayed on it for seven months. My problems on raw food actually got worse but I've sticked to it because I wanted to be better so bad and people in the community told me its just detox and that it will get better. I wont explain all the problems I had on raw food but they were abundant.

The only things that got better while being raw was my allergies and headaches. For this reasons I started doing tests and eliminating one food group at a time to see what would cause this because it was now clear that it was what I ate.

I discovered that it was fermented products  containing lots of histamines that was causing this. I've looked into it and started to take bromelain, witch is believed to help with that.

Bromelain helped a bit for the fermented products but changed my life completely for other reasons. All the problems I noted earlier in the post started to disappear suddenly. My energy levels where so high I couldn't believe my mind. I started to hit the gym again and go through and beyond my previous plateau in no time. I was feeling good in colder temperatures. I suddenly felt more aggresivity, was more positive, more drive and could sleep only four hours and be still fine during. Hair started to grow on my belly, chest and face and I now even have new blond hair growing on my head.

I continued doing personal tests. I should also mention that after I've messed up my digestive system with the raw food diet, I started to take regular digestive enzyme supplements and it helped a lot. I first thought my body wasn't digesting correctly the proteins since bromelain is known to help digest proteins. However, I read that fat malabsorption is linked to low testosterone and it made sense since there is so little fat in a raw food diet and it went so bad.

So in combination with the regular digestive enzymes and the bromelain, I started to take fat specific digestive enzymes and fish oil to get proper fat intake. It slowly got worse and my digestion started to slow down once again. I discovered that I was taking way to much enzymes and fat supplements and that it started to be hard again for my body to process and stopped everything but the regular enzymes and the bromelain. I also read that when you have fat malabsorption, you have pale stools and droplets of fat with your stools, something I never had so I discarded that fat possibility.

I started to feel good again after stopping all those enzymes and fish oil and then read that zinc malabsorption could lead to low testosterone and hair loss. I started to take zinc while being careful to only take the recommended daily intake. It only took 2 or 3 days for me to start to feel bad again like if the effect of the now marvelous bromelain for me was gone. I then read that zinc can inhibit the effects of bromelain while magnesium can augment it.

To retrieve my balance, I stopped zinc and waited for a couple of weeks but it was taking too long to get back to high energy that I felt and tried magnesium to try to make the bromelain effective again. After only the first magnesium pill, I started to feel like superman again but I started to feel bad with the following pills so I stopped. I figured I might have overdone it and that I only needed to give my body more time to get back to normal.

However, after a couple of days, I started to feel bad in a new way because of bromelain. It's like if I stepped on the other side of a spectrum. Like if the magnesium put a magnifying effect on bromelain and I was now having too much of it. I stopped bromelain for a couple of days but the tiredness kicked in again so started back bromelain but saw those weird effects again.

Noticing that, it led be to the conclusion that it's now something I don't digest but a gland problem. I looked into it and it strangely looks like hypothyroidism.

Now if I stop completely taking bromelain, I feel tired and I have to sleep long nights again but when I take it (even only half a pill once a day now), I feel an other kind of tiredness, pressure on my face, my throat and around my eyes, I have difficulty reading or concentrating and I often have twitching muscles.

I tried to find some kind of link between bromelain and the thyroid gland and found out bromelain is recommended to reduce inflammation of the gland. My logical thinking is telling me that somewhat magnesium multiplied the effect of bromelain and that I got into hyperthyroidism instead of being normal. I'm also scared because I read that some people get protruding eyes because of thyroid problems and I now often feel some pressure around my eyes.

Now, I don't like my family doctor because she was never able to correctly diagnose my problems, but still she's able to refer me to a specialist so I took an appointment on July 7th since I don't want to mess whit that anymore and that now that I know where the problem is likely to come from, I feel more confident to seek help.

However, I know there is a history of bad treatment for thyroid problems and I also understand that my thyroid probably only needs a little help since bromelain helped so much so I probably don't need the whole hormone replacement.

The reason why I'm writing all this is to try to get help on what to do or try next before this appointment or before something is done by a specialist (because those things take a while). It would be even better for me to retrieve a healthy balance meanwhile and treatments might now even be necessary if I continue on feeling good. I would like to thrive like I did.

What could be causing this weird tiredness and pressure? Is it hyperthyroidism or could it be something else? What about Iodine?
I know it's too late for this comment to be of any use, but just in case... Have you been tested for Hashimoto's Disease? I'm not sure how it affects men, but Bromelain has an effect on the immune system – I read somewhere that it alters the characteristics of white blood cells – so yeah... IF you have Hashi’s it could be that the Mg/Bromelain combo caused a flare? I’m not a doctor and I’m only speculating, but I’ve spent a lot of time and money trying to find a balance between sex hormones (insulin resistance and oestrogen dominance), my immune system and my thyroid, so I can tell you straight that you have to cross reference everything you take 3 ways as what works for one, might actually aggravate the other (like DIM/IC3 for example – helps oestrogen balance, but weakens the thyroid). One supplement I can recommend that works for pretty much everything is NAC (taken with ALA and Taurine, but NAC is the most important one). This article gives a good summary of how it helps the thyroid: It is also recommended for women with PCOS as it restores hormonal balance. The one side-effect you may want to be aware of is that is speeds up the metabolism of minerals and Zn in particular. I supplement with 30 mgs of Zn per day to keep my levels up, so maybe talk to your doc or so some research on Zn/testosterone/NAC.

Best of luck!
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