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Understanding blood tests
Dear Dr. Lupo,
I am a 52 yr old female who has been experiencing many syptoms of hypo for the last several years.  I have had normal TSH and T4 labs during this time.  An ultrasound was done because I have a feeling of fullness and sometimes difficulty swallowing...it was normal.  I've had these symptoms for the last several years...fatigue, sleep disturbance (waking in the night), cold (97.4 and shivering), low body temp, hair loss, dry skin.  More recently I have increasing constipation and tinnitus.  In March 08 the Dr. test me again with these results...

TSH 2.00  Free T4 1.03   Peroxidase 86.5

MCV 100 range  80-97    Folate 17.4 range 7.2-15.4  GFR 80.1   Total cholesteral 203 HDL 63  

My blood pressure is normal without meds.  I take 20mg of adderall and 300mg of wellbutrin daily.  Because of my symptoms the Dr. started me on 25mg of levothyroxine.

My questions are:  Could the tinnitus be related to the thyroid?  Could the adderall and/or wellbutrin be effecting my thyroid or the blood tests?  How long does it take for the meds work?  

Thank you for any help you can give me.
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