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Journals about walking

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by edgerdje, Oct 18, 2015
Think about how the power flickers during a thunder storm. The lights dim a bit but do not ...
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by maicap22, Apr 02, 2014 is my 3rd day on following exercise videos on youtube, particularly walk videos. ...
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by blukitty, Mar 18, 2014
My right knee was hurting a little this evening. Had been walking around more than I usuall...
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by LizTK, Feb 01, 2014
Pain all over, can not walk to bathroom without assistance. Have not washed hair or showere...
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by Cinsmel, Jan 17, 2014
Tomorrow being Saturday will be my first day back in a gym after 5 years. Beginning slow wi...
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by boz5886, Nov 17, 2013
Rock and Roll Marathon runs today, and I'm not entered. Breathing has been labored all ...
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by Roxycat36, Sep 15, 2013
No big headaches lately..yess! just weight changes like a yoyo >:( and I have been cra...
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by shugalug, Jul 20, 2013
I don't get this anxiety tracker. It should show a zero when I don't have anxiety. ...
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by boz5886, Feb 23, 2013
Breathing was pretty good today. No shortness of breath while walking to/from Barking Bas...
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by Erin252, Dec 04, 2012
If you've been desk bound for a year, starting a walking regimen should be considered s...