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pro-bono gastric by-pass

Are there any doctors willing to do pro bono gastric by-pass surgery in or around  the state of Nevada for a 48 year old woman who is in failing health and is a single mother of an 8 year old boy who's  affraid she'll die before he is grown?

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please  see
I am 33 years old 5 years post po roux-en-y gastric bypass, 2 1/2 years of exams and classes required for surgery suppose to tell you everything. It is a lie. Passed 10 years this surgery has taken off like crazy now medical reports are being filed well if you do enough digging there are medical reports dating back to 1968 after reading some I realized all that this surgery is I a big medical test repeated over and over slowly getting better results but in the end none are good. They will never be. Loosing weight at such a fast speed really messes up you entire body. Mentally and physically. Most symptoms will not show up until post op 4 to 5 years. I know I was 350 lb hurt to walk felt old week
I was completely healthy. Except for joint and body pain I was healthy 21/2 years of classes exams and so on and working just to pay for insurance, I was able to get the surgery at no charge fully covered. 1 1/2 years later I had emergency gal blabber removal 3 months after that open triple ventricle hernia repair, 6 moths after that diagnosed with sudden adult ADHD (*****) continues to get worse the rest I have to take a guess at as far as times / date due to memory loss, and short term memory problems,
Lost my job 1/31/2009 cut backs due to the economy, around June 2009 my health started to get bad, (before I lost my job I had a feeling that Somthing was not right but when you say that to a doc they will blow you off in any, just lead you on.)
so now I am at the point were I have both hand that are numb and electric like pains though out my body every day, I have a skin infraction that is cause from having surgery, on and off welling, I wake up in the mooring and it hurts to move, I can not get insurance due to per existing condition, not state or fib help, because they bass that on my boyfriends in come, found out if we get married his insurance will go up to 600 per month, reading and comprehension gone spelling ***** I used to have clients like Kraft foods and Armour enrich meats conga did everything, not I can not even understand how to organize my room I have looked into everything for help to the post the white house and governor will not except e-mail from me any longer been to every hospital around no help, had a ton of blood test sent out to mayo clinic I am still very healthy
But alot of problems will not show up on lab work you need mire, ct scan neurologist, but I need 250 for first visit and 180 after that and mire and ct you have to pay half up front, went to free clinic found out I have a shin infection and chronic undeniable nerev pain, medication for rash coursed allergic reaction hives covered my whole body was at the hospital last night late never show have been give the medication I need a dermatologist but they can not help.
Please 87% have health problems you will sign papers so that you cannot sue look at lap band way less risk if surgery is your only option, and insurances will sometimes cover that due to less health risk.

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