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Unprotected oral+fingerjob with escorte. Scared

Hi, I  met an Internet Escort in Europe. At Internet, she says that she is not offering anal, not sex without condom and not CIM (*** in mouth).

Well, when we met, we did take a shower. She then fingered her vagina and then did masturbate me. We kissed, not with tounge but still wet/deep kiss. Then she gave me unprotected oral sex for almost 40 second. I was also stupid so I licked her genital part for a few seconds and I also fingered her for 10 seconds. Then she put condom on me and I *** inside her with condom (I can not remember that the condom was broken, I do not think so). I did not wash my genital parts before the next day, I as so stupid.

I have healthy gums without sores. No STI (she was my second sexpartner). But I am biting my lips when they are dry (but without visible bleeding) so I am scared for that. I also think that I had small, non-bleeding cuts on my fingers.  I am also circumcised if that matters. I do not know if she had sores/bleeding from her mouth/lips or fingers.

Three days after this episod I got a red sign at my hard palate and had a little bit pharyngitt, but it was over after almost 6 days (no fever). I have no more symptoms now (it has been 18 days).

What is my risks of getting HIV? I know I was a masteridiot.

I am very thankful if you could answer
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