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Dissolvable stitches?

A doctor removed a cyst under my skin on the 28th of April, and he had put stitches (non-dissolvable) on the outside and they got taken out 13 days later. The incision was about an inch long and 3 tiny sections of it never healed together, its like 3 tiny holes along the scar line. They bleed and pus yellow, very little though. I went to see him about it and he tested the pus, he called me back the next day and said I had a staph infection. He prescribed me antiobiotic. I'm only suppose to be on it for 10 days but I am still taking it now because I forgot to take it a few times. One of the holes has finally healed but the other 2 are still bleeding and pus-ing. Still, very little though. I keep a bandage on it most of the time, letting it breathe and dry occasionally. I clean it with hydrogen peroxyde if a scab starts to form and put vaseline on it sometimes like the doctor said.
I'm wondering if forgetting to take the antibiotic a few times will the infection still be there? I only have 2 pills left.
Is the infection keeping it from healing completely? Skin does heal over them, but the pus keeps breaking them back open.
And I heard this infection was very contagious, should I be worried about that?

I remember asking him if he put stitches on the inside when he was done with the surgery, and he said no.
I saw something sticking out of one of the holes last week after my shower and after it was done pus-ing and bleeding. It wouldn't wipe off and it wasn't a scab because it was white, so I gently tugged on it and it came right out, I hardly felt it. It was a thin, very short, white string, and it was in a knot. I figured it might have been a loose peice of gauze that got itself sewn in there when the nurse was helping the doctor. And that was the hole that had healed. The 2 others were just now pus-ing and I saw another peice of white string sticking out of one of them (I would go to the doctor about this but he is almost a 2 hour drive).

My questions are: Could that be dissolvable stiches? Or could that still be a peice of gauze? If they are dissolvable stitches, how come they have not dissolved yet? And will the scar split back open, with pulling them out?

My body is obviously trying to get rid of them by pushing them out. Any advice? I'm really worried about it.
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missing the anti-biotic is very bad...even if you missed one course it could cause the bacteria to become resistant making it harder to get over...and yes it is very contagious and dangerous...this infection is nothing to mess around with and an estimated 100,000 people die of staph a year...so go back to the doctor and tell him or her you havent been taking your anti-bs correctly and he will probably give you something even stronger...and the stitches obviously arent stuck inside they pobably were just pulled in by the incision...make sure you take your anti-biotics correctly
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