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For infectious mononucleosis (mono), what were the symptoms and signs you experie...

...nced? - What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Infectious Mononucleosis?The most common symptoms of mononucleosis are fever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, and fatigue. Symptoms usually develop between four to six weeks after exposure to the EBV. Other signs and symptoms of mononucleosis may include the following:headache,rash,malaise,loss of appetite,jaundice,tonsillitis (a white film may cover the tonsils),body aches,enlarged spleen and/or liver,abdominal pain, anddifficulty breathing.In younger children, the symptoms may be more subtle and may additionally include irritability and poor feeding.
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I am a 30 year old male and I just got diagnosed with mono 2 days ago. I thought this was just something teenagers contracted from kissing, people always made jokes about it in high school but it is no laughing matter. I unfortunately did not get it from kissing, I have no idea how I contracted it. The symptoms were going on for about a month and I thought that I just had a stubborn flu but then I woke up one morning to weak to get out of bed and decided to go to the ER where I was diagnosed. The sore throats have been ridiculous, I can barely eat because of the abdominal discomfort, and the fatigue is the worst I have EVER felt in my life. I get night sweats and chills from the on-again off-again fever. I can sympathize with anyone who has caught this nasty bug as an adult. Hopefully things will get easier.
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Hello I'm a 33 year old female been ill for 10 months now. The illness first began with abdominal pain meaning stomach and bowels, also have pain under left rib cage and right rib cage, blurry vision at times, extreme fatigue, sore throat, muscle aches, and joint pains, sweats, rashes, and on again off again, have no appetite. I have lost 50 pounds. My hair is thinning and everything that comes around, I catch. I was exposed to mono when I first got ill. These symptoms are still going on. Sometimes feel like I'm getting better and the symptoms return. This is the worst I've ever been sick.
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I had mono for about a month, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It started out feeling like a sore throat and I was coughing and sneezing like crazy. I was very tired and I never wanted to do anything.  I stayed home and rested for about three weeks, and my symptoms went away, but I still have fatigue and I'm very weak. After you have it, your immune system is very weak for about six months, so you have to be very careful about who you're around. Just take it easy and soon enough you will feel a lot better.
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I caught mono at 23. I am now 64 and I just had my gall bladder and kidney stone removed. I have had stomach problems for 40 years. I have been hospitalized five times with jaundice-like fever. I get sweats every night. I'm very tired and if I do anything, I have to take a nap afterwards. I can't figure out why it's so hard to get information on the side effects of this disease.
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About a week before I was diagnosed, I felt an enlarged gland in my neck, but I wasn't too concerned. I was feeling really depressed and tired, but I thought it was due to stress since I'm in school. About two days later, I woke up with swollen eyelids and a swollen face. I went to the doctor who told me I had either tonsillitis or mono. The final result was mono. About two days after my diagnosis, I started to feel severe symptoms. I had a very sore throat, dry mouth and pain in the neck. I am also experiencing insomnia and depression. Generally, no one understands how I feel, so it's good to read about other's experiences here. Thank you.
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I«m 38 years old. I was diagnosed with mono about 2 weeks ago though I had symptoms for one month before that. My doctor told me that I was also exhausted. My symptoms were swollen lymph nodes in my groin and on one side of my neck, plus one swollen node under my chin. I had fever and bad headaches for about 3 days and general malaise for two weeks. I was depressed, my eyes were more sensitive to the light and I had a little cough but no sore throat at all. I was relieved when my doctor told me that mono is not serious and very common. Now the nodes are going down very well but I have funny sensations in my neck sometimes. I suffer patchy spells of extreme tiredness which I recognize as not normal because I«m very fit and active. I get shivers if I«m in an air conditioned room when other people are fine. Occasionally I feel nauseous after eating. A medical student friend tells me that you can get mono from drinking from a dirty glass, or even a dentist!! I feel I«m getting better and I eat tons of fish, salads and fruit as always, but my recovery is much slower than I expected. I«m glad to read that it«s ok not to be 100% fit after 6 weeks because I started to worry. Your page has helped.
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