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WNV IGG Positive - New Neuro Symptoms??? Need Treatment Options

I had a spinal tap on Monday and received a positive West Nile Virus (WNV) IGG result on Wed evening. I was hospitalized in 2003 with an "unknown virus" for 5 nights with a trunkal rash, high fever, headaches and vomiting. I now have confirmation that that episode was WNV.  I experienced muscle twitches and spasms immediately after my hospitilization and sought the care of a neurologist. He did a brain MRI and found numerous tiny non specific white spots. He figured these were due to my "virus" and were most likely a one time event vs an ongoing condition such as MS or ALS. He has monitored me on and off since 03. I was fine with no complications other than the occasional twitch or wormy sensations in my legs until after I had my 2nd child in May of 08. Directly after my c section I noticed I was slightly tipsy/dizzy/lightheaded & had a tiny bit of blurred vision under flourescent lighting or when I look at lights/moon/etc etc I noticed a halo. My eyes seem to have trouble dilating properly. I have been that way for 22 mos. I have since had my 3rd child and after the birth of my daughter on 1/12/10 I have noticed tingling/sticky/numb feeling around my mouth, cold sensations that come and go on my chin, sticky/numb feeling around left eye, and now just last night noticed the dry mouth with a feeling of the back of my throat being slightly swollen or that "burned by coffee" feeling. The numbness on my face led my Neuro to try another round of MRIs on my brain, neck and spine plus a LP which I had never done previously. And, bingo... WNV came up. I have since done my research and discovered many folks out there experience these neurological deficits.

Other tests were ran and indicate I don't have a current inflammatory process going on:

Protein CSF - 39                        Range: 15-40 Normal
Glucose CSF - 56                       Range: 40-70 Normal
RBC - 0
WBC - 1                                     Range: 0-5 Normal
Cryptococcal Antigen                   negative
VDRL                                         Non reactive
Oligoclonal Bands                       Negative
WNV IGG                                   POSITIVE
WNV IGM                                   Negative
IgG CSF 2.86                              Range: .48 - 5.86
Albumin  CSF 22.4                       Range: 13.8-24.6      
IgG Serum 1010                           Range: 751-1560
Albumin Serum 4210                    Range: 3660-5100
IgG Index  .53                              Range: .28-.66
IgG Synthesis 0                           Range: 0-8.0
Albumin Index 5.3                         Range: 0-9
IgG/Albumin Ratio  .13                  Range: .09-.25                          

Please provide any insight into treatment options and if anyone out there has a similar story... do you recover?  I am hopeful my recent symptoms will resolve once I am not sleep deprived and my pregnancy hormones subside. I'm wondering if stress and/or recent pregnancy is my trigger for bringing out these new neuro symptoms. I also believe the Lumbar Puncture (LP) might have aggravated my condition as well.

I am seeking the help of my Neuro and trying to get in with a Rheumy and Infect Dis Specialist as well. In addition, I plan to do acupuncture and seek the guidance of a Naturapath/Homeopath. I am determined to beat this and recover so I can raise my beautiful family. I have a 4 1/2 year old son, 22 mo and 10 week old daughters plus a wonderful husband. They deserve a Mom/Wife who is healthy and strong! Right now I feel constantly hungover, tired and full of anxiety b/c of my bizarre symptoms.

Any help or direction you could provide would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Thank you,

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