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chronic cmv encephalitis

in april of 2010 i was told i had cmv. i had a headache unlike anything i have ever experianced. 24 hours a day for 8 weeks straight. no meds even rx would help. i also had a low grade fever that would come and go. i had whole body and joint pain. i also had abnormal liver results and swollen glands.  i have had only 1 sexual partner, i don't have hiv or aids. i have not had any health problems except when i was 10 i had "stroke like symptoms". that effected my right side. my arm was numb and still is. and i couldn't move my leg below the knee. but i can move it now though some times i limp without knowing and wear the bottom of my shoe funny. they did multipal tests and every thing was normal.
i am now 27 female and don,t know if the two are related to my new symptoms. all the pain that i had with cmv i got again in sept 2010 just not as bad and not every day it comes and gos. but i am in pain about 4 -6 days a week i can still funtion but barely. dr says it is not related to cmv. but she had never heard of it till i got it. i have had mri and eeg with normal results. and been retested for lupus ra lymes and reinfection of cmv all neg.  i have tried multipal rx for migraine and prevention. i have also gone weeks with no meds at all to see if they were rebound headaches. no help. in may i had 3 dizzy spells while driving i didnt pass out but felt like i was going to. they have never checked my csf. not even at age 10.
what could cause this? cmv? spinal infection? ms? fibro? help please?
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any stabbing sensations in stomach or bowells, tinntinitus, swollen glands, throat sore, lower back aches, bowell issues, "brain fog", anxiety or sensory hyperawareness?  if so, you migt have had a false neg set of labcorp tests for Lyme and / or Mycoplasma infection.  labcorp Lyme tests are terrible.  they look for antibodies in the blood, not the actual DNA of the bacteria.  You need an IGENEX lyme and coinfections test and you need to research infectious mycoplasmas.
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