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ileostomy and infection

I had surgeries to correct a bad break to my ankle I have maybe 12 screws 3 metal plates and a wire keeping in place.  This was May 25,2011 about 4 months ago an abscess formed on my ankle it was lanced by doc and sent off some puss stitched up and 2 weeks later had stitches removed and still it oozed. Went to surgeon and he lanced sent off and put me on antibiotics (I also have an ileostomy) 2 weeks stitches out and doc said it came back staph??? went home and still it comes got so bad went to the ER and they gave me IV antibiotics and referred to infectious care doc who can not see me until March 9, 2012. Today is March 3rd and still it oozes have headaches and output like urine. I am very concerned but at wits end. Do I just wait?  Oh and I am again on antibiotics from home.????  It has been a terrible mess
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Well, if you are on another antibiotic this one may work. It is important to see the infectious disease doctor. Bacteria are becoming very resistant to antibiotics. I hope this antibiotic works.
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