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Can "clean" foods weaken your immune system?

As I've always heard and strongly believed, toxins are bad. Generally speaking, they cause greater health problems that can lead to premature death. Because of that I do my best to eat the most organic foods and I try to live in as non-toxic of an environment as I possibly can. However, I am confused about one thing. I also don't believe in being too obsessive over “cleanliness” as it can weaken your immune system (as I've heard). Not to worry, I take a shower every day, I have great personal hygiene! But it makes me wonder if the cleanliness of the foods we eat can also weaken our immune system instead of strengthening it. Are we more at risk of other toxins by always eating the cleanest possible foods?
This may seem like a silly question to some, but I do hope someone can give me a possible explanation/answer. Thank you very much, I appreciate your time.
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Some people do believe you can be too "clean," but this wouldn't apply to food really.  It would apply to the overall environment, and don't worry, you will live your entire life surrounded by toxins.  Unless you never go outside of a sterile bubble, that is.  The air, water, etc. are polluted.  Even organic farmers live in the toxic world, so they can't be completely "clean" and organic farmers are allowed to use things that are toxic.  The reason food and water are so important to be clean is because they feed you, so they're always in your body -- it's never a transient experience.  But the bigger reason to eat organic is really to support organic farming -- the more of it there is the more we preserve our best soil and the fewer toxic chemicals are released into the world, including our bodies of water.  It protects the entire ecosystem.  And, eating good nutritious clean food builds and protects your immune system, whereas fighting toxins stresses the immune system and the liver by making them work harder.  But you'll never be completely "clean."  Now, as to cleanliness, there is something to that more than there is to food.  For example, using too much disinfectant, as many are doing these days, will kill off beneficial bacteria as well as the stuff you want to kill, much like taking antibiotics.  So in that sense you can  be too clean.    
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