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I feel sick after eating and don't want to eat

I'm 13 years old and for a couple of weeks now I haven't eaten very well sometimes and prefer to snack. When I look at some food I feel sick. I always come home from school and I'm not hungry. When my parents make me dinner I don't eat it and put it in the bin or give it to the dog, cat, chickens etc. I drink normally, but I never want to eat. Strawberries are easier to eat and I enjoy them, but other food makes me feel ill just to look at it. I don't want to and haven't been to the Doctors for it and I'm not going to if I can help it. Is there any actual illness or anything I can do?
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Hi CharleyT78,

It's really important to eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your body is still
growing. It's very important that you get a lot of protein. If you can, it would
be good to eat some protein at each of your main meals. You say you
prefer to snack.  Having a healthy snack, not junk food, between your
main meals is a good thing. It helps to keep your blood sugar from dropping.
It's important to eat a healthy breakfast, healthy lunch and a healthy dinner.
Don't put your dinner in the garbage or give it to your pets. Your mom no
doubt puts a lot of effort and time into cooking for you and your family.
It's important to eat a proper dinner. You say you like strawberries. Have
them for dessert, but not as a main meal. Perhaps your mom could make
an appointment for you with your family doctor. Hopefully you can discuss
a suitable food plan with your doctor. Good luck. Evewisewoman
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