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i have been told i have pcos and to lose weight but no matter how hard i try its not moving. can anyone help?????
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Hi there.  I also have PCOS and was told how important it is to lost weight (especially because I am experiencing infertility and women with PCOS who lose at least 10% bodyweight typically start ovulating more regularly).  Weight loss is a real struggle with PCOS.  My doctor gave me a drug that is used to treat diabetes called glucophage (also called metformin).  It has helped me to lose weight - but VERY slowly.  And it definitely won't do it on it's own, but it can certainly help.  PCOS causes insulin resistance (that's why the diabetic drug helps), but be sure your diet is low carb (not carb free, but low, and stay away from refined carbs like white sugar, breads, pastas, ects...do whole grain instead, and in moderation).  Also be sure you are physically active.  It's hard, and even harder for PCOS women!  But it's possible :)  Good luck!  Ask your GYN about going on glocophage.
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