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30cm and 10cm OVARIAN CYSTS

Hi everyone, I'm new to the site.
On Monday 8th Oct 2012, I got severe lower left abdominal pain. I got an emergency appt on Tues morning, told by the doctor I had a urine infection. I was then sent for an ultrasound and the technician said I had an extremely large cyst on the left and another  on the right. I was sent home after that being told I was having an emergency referral to the gynaecology.
Wednesday morning, I was absolutely crippled so I had to phone back up (after phone calls etc back and forth) I was told I had to make my way to gynaecology.
Thursday morning , I was sent for a CT scan. Sent home at 6pm. Lower abdominal pain gone by this point.
Friday lunch time, I got telephone call with results - I have a 30cm ovarian cyst on left ovary and a 10cm cyst on the right.

Monday 22nd Oct 2012, I had meeting with consultant re surgery - basically I'm having 1 open op to remove the 30cm cyst (and ovary) and they are going to inject the left cyst to reduce the size of it... then heal, then I need to freeze eggs (I have just turned 23) and being referred to the assisted conception ward. All going ok after that , then the 2nd op will go ahead to remove the right cyst.

Surgery is now booked for Tuesday 30th Oct. Tomorrow I am going for pre assessment.

Everything makes sense now -

My 1st smear test, I was told my cervix was at 10 o clock (cause by size of cyst pushing it over)
Back pain
Pain during intercourse
Swelling of stomach (being asked when baby was due!)
Breakout of acne on face
Shortness of breath

I have been on microgynon pill, injection, implant now I am on cilest pill. I have regular periods (I just finished pill free week Mon-Mon but started bleeding on Saturday and due to start new pack tonight)

I am just slightly nervous about surgery and would like some advise.
Many thanks
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