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flu shot

I got my flu shot on Tuesday evening.  About 10 minutes after the shot my right arm(where I got the shot) and my right calf area started feeling like numb.  It still feels almost like Jelly, weak, numbness (weird feeling).  What could it be??  Thanks
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Make an appointment to see your doctor urgently or phone the surgery to let them know the reaction that you have had from the flu shot.

It appears that you have an allergic reaction to the flu shot.
Do you have an allergy to eggs?  People with allergies to eggs are advised not have the flu shot.
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I have had the flu shot before and never had this problem. It comes and goes. I went to er Thursday and they tested for blood clots and stroke and it was not either of those.They said they were not sure what was causing .
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I had the Flu shot a couple years ago and my arm swelled up ( There are many allergic reaction's to it) and yes the other's are right you are allergic to the Flu shot Please get to the Doc and Never get that shot again,And yes I cant eat egg's! Good luck...
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There may have been something in the new batch that you have a reaction to.  

Sometimes our bodies can react to something even though we have not had a problem before.

When I used to have the flu shot, I was always asked "Are you allergic to eggs?"  

Since the influenza shots now contain the swine flu vaccine, I choose not to have a yearly shot anymore.  

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