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Frequent UTI's

I am a 27 year old mother of 2 that deals w/recurring uti’s on a frequent basis.  I probably on average get 1 infection pr/mth.  I have had countless examinations, Cystoscopies, kidney & bladder ultrasounds, a few VCUG’s & an IVP.   I’ve also had my urethra dilated (at a young age). All tests that I have had done have come back normal & upon every exam I have been told that the anatomy of my bladder seems normal.  There was a sign of slight reflux on my left ureter during one VCUG in which my Urologist decided to operate and repaired the reflux successfully.  

Since then, I still experience recurring uti’s & have noticed that my infections are exacerbated by intercourse, sometimes a lack of fluid intake & most recently menses.  Oddly enough, throughout both of my pregnancies, I never got a single infection.  I did not experience these recurring uti’s until my early 20’s.  I have been on a low dose of antibiotics for a few years to see if my infections got any better, however the frequency remained the same.  I currently take 1 pill w/coitus to discourage any unhealthy bacteria from forming.  I was first put on Bactrim, then Macrobid, but was eventually switched to Keflex when I became pregnant.  It seems as if my body has adjusted to these antibiotics, because over the years, they have seemed to be less effective at preventing & curing my infections.

I do everything possible to prevent these infections, (i.e. urinating before & after intercourse, wiping from front to back, maintaining a high level of personal hygiene, taking my antibiotics, drinking lots of water, etc.).  My question for you is easy.  Why do I keep getting these urinary tract infections??...what IS wrong w/me??  My doctors seem content getting me in & out of the office w/antibiotics, but seem exhausted over trying to find the underlying cause…
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If your UTI's have not been confirmed by urine culture (takes 2-3 days for the results to come back), then you nee dto have them confirmed by culture. If the cultures come back negative, then please get an evaluation by a qualified pelvic floor physical therapist who may be able to diagnose pelvic muscle trigger points which may be cau sing your bladder symptoms.  You may find that your symptoms improve after treatment by the physical therapist. Bear in mind that more serious problems need to be ruled out first. These include stones, foreign body (e.g., surure from prior surgeries), and bladder cancer (especially if you are a smoker).
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