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could it be?

i have been diagnosed with several conditions: HPV in jan10, genital herpes aug09, endometriosis 08
so i am good and lost right now... the symptoms that i have been having since my first herpes outbreak in aug 09 are not going away.  its been a yr now and i still am having vaginal burning, vaginal pressure, and pain.  the burning comes and goes but the pain and pressure are ongoing.  i am on 1gram of valtrex daily.  but when i do have a outbreak it gets alot worse alone with the itching, aching, and pain.  i have been to my reg gyno, a gyno oncologist which has ruled out cancer cause of the dysplasia caused by the hpv, and an urogynecologist.  we are trying to resolve the ongoing pressure and pain.  i have had pelvic u/s and vaginal u/s done, normal results.  plenty of PAPs and copos.  urinalysis showed no sign of infection, or blood.  i do not go to the bathroom often.  and it does not specifically burn just when i use the bathroom, only if i have lesions.  the burning comes and goes without urinating.  the question is could it be IC because of the constant pressure and pain in the vagina? not often, but sometimes i get a weird spasm feeling in my vagina too.  but the thing is that i dont have urine freq. or is it endometriosis that has grown back somewhere else that is causing me to feel pressure? the endo surgery i had was in 08 and was just in my left ovarie which i had stabbing pains in that area.  i am trying to rule out anything before i have to go through the endo surgery again and its not endo.  or could it be vaginal nerve pain caused from the herpes?  which i get nerve sensations on other parts of my body since the herpes.  these are the options that i have been given by my drs and i donot know which way to go???  any way anybody can help PLEASE!!!
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