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enlarged uterus 25 cm

Recently had ultrasound. During the ultrasound I was told my uterus was very large about 25 cm. They couldn't see the ovaries. There was something most likely fibroid and its size was close to 13 cm. Do you know what would be the next step that would be taken in such situations? What would be the available options for me. I would like to have kids. I'm 37 right now. I already researched online and looked at all the treatment options. I know some of the options will lower fertility rate or diminish it completely. Please advise. The technician said the uterus was so large she couldn't see the ovaries and she could measure something that was 13 cm and there could be more smaller ones. From my understanding with large fibroids the best thing is to do an MRI to see the exact locations and how many there are plus everything will show up in MRI including ovaries as well as whether the problem is fibroids or Adenomyosis (also whether there are cancerous findings).
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