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Find a doctor who treats for Wilson's Syndrome!!
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Find a doctor who treats for Wilson's Syndrome!!

I have been dealing with a body temp averging 96.6, weight gain (over 70 lbs) and cannot lose it, severe insomnia, inability to sweat and so on for over 15 years.  I am now 53 years old.

I have been to doc after doc and they all wanted to put me on anti-depressants...all of them cause my thyroid testing comes back "in-range".  Is all testing a "one size fits all"?

Anyway, I have spent years trying to find out what is wrong with me when no one else could.  I located Dr Daivid Wilson aka Wilson's Syndrome.  There are not many docs trained to understand this disorder, but it is REAL!

Let me tell you I was freezing all of the time, sleeping with blankets year round, going to a DRY HEAT sauna at over 140+ degrees for 30 minutes several times weekly...not one drop of sweat!  I would go outdoors and living in the south we have some warm summers.  My skin would be very hot, yet no sweat.  At the most, a slight clammy feel, but this was rare.  Your bofy must sweat to rlease toxins, but mainly to cool itself down when overheated.

At one point my body temperature was down to 95.5.  Over 3 degrees below normal!   Again, no doc anywhere thought the low temp or sweating was an issue.  Vertigo also became a huge factor too.  Lying down is usually when it hit me.  A positional vertigo.

My face would turn bright red when outdoors in the heat, yet no sweat.  When I cried, same thing...bright red!  The insomnia so severe I was sleeping only 2-4 hrs nightly.  Then sometimes no sleep for days.  I do not drink caffiene.  After a few years of this, I told my hubby I felt like I was not going to live much longer as I was so weak.  I took out life insurance at that point as well.  The insomnia is critical cause you must have sleep nightly so you can build your cortisol levels back up...cortisol is cirtical in a human.  You need deep REM sleep.

I was put on biodenticals, hydrocortisone, Synthroid, Armour over the years.  None of this worked.  There is a problem with converting T3.  Taking these for many people will not work, cause many will tryo to deal with the T4 part of thyroid problems only.  Again, they do not understand fully T3 or Wilson's Syndrome.

Other symptoms...low BP, low pulse and respiration. So tired by noon to 3pm I had to lay down.  I quit my job as a healthcare professional cause I was so tired and weak.  After I ate anything, I felt very sick. Started having pain in my legs due to lymphatic fluid not being able to move...again from not being able to sweat

Well, a doc that believes and was trained in Wilsons, gave me T3.  Within DAYS my temp was back up to 98.6, I was sleeping and more than anything...I was sweating!!!  I mean it was wonderful!  This changed my life!

Please look at this as the general medical community does not acknowledge Wilson's.  There was also testing done on horses for anhidrosis that could not sweat as well.  They were put on iodine and showed significant improvement.  

There is something to this and why docs cannot comprehend this, I will never understand.  They only deem you depressed and want to give you pills so you go away and die qiuetly.  Sorry, I refuse to be anyone's guinea pig anymore!  Plus, how can a doc assess you as depressed in 3 minutes when they know NOTHING about you?  They cannot, so do not let them!  After over 12 docs in the last several years, I found an answer.

Again, look at the Wilson's Syndrome site and find a doctor that has been trained to treat this.  T3 is a hormone and you want to not play around with this at all.

God bless all of you and I pray for a speedy recovery
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After reading, I guess yoyur were informing and did not have a question? Interesting though.

Did you ever get a RT3 test? - no mention. Hard to find a doc to test this.

Many of these symptoms can be from just low thyroid  and not looking at FT3 levels, this does not mean one has RT3 or Willsons.

"I was put on biodenticals, hydrocortisone, Synthroid, Armour over the years.  None of this worked.  There is a problem with converting T3"  - Armour has T3 in it. You apparently needed more? Or your just on T3 to 'push out " the RT3 stuck in your cells?

FT3 is the most important hormone to test. If its low, one will have insomnia with no REM sleep patterns, muscle pain , cold body, brain fog - no matter what the FT4 level or TSH is. FT3 in the upper third of the range eliminates most of this in most who have low T3 with hypothyroid.

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