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6 year old still peeing his pants

I have a 6yr old son who daily wets his pants. He says he cant feel it when it happens but other times he does get the urge to pee. We have taken him to his dr & 2 specialists as well who did tests and all say nothing is wrong. Said he would out grow it before he started 1st grade but he didnt. He does all his own laundry as a natural consiquence. We thought it could be a mental health issue & had him evaluated only to hear he is a " bright, well rounded young man". We have him pee every 2 hours but he will wet his pants in the mean time. At least 2 times a day. What should I do next? Is their something else to test for?
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I have a son who is 8 and still wets the bed and has accidents occasionally during the day. The bed wetting thing is hereditary as my uncle wetlands so did I. We suffer from a form of sleep apnea that makes it almost impossible to wake from the sensation of needing to use the bathroom.

As s child my parents would get very mad at me for wetting. They tried everything... waking me at all hours of the night, humiliation, yelling, grounding, spanking, threatening, anything they thought that would help. I still wet because I really couldn't help it.  

My son has had a totally different experience. We don't make a big deal at all! He wears pull ups everyday. We celebrate dry nights and ignore wet ones.

Growing up feeling aweful, guilty, stressed, and angry will only add to the already tormenting feeling of not being able to control it. Had I been in a loving understanding environment growing up it would have really helped my self worth and made me a happier person.

I encourage parents to have conversations with the pediatrion with your child not about your child. Ask then what methods they would be comfortable with? Alarms, bed sheets, pull ups, or a combination? Medication is available but doesn't fix the problem only deters it.

Love your kiddos faults and all. (:
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I am really happy I stumbled upon this site!  
My son is 6 1/2 and still has accidents on occasion.  He wears a pull up at night and almost always wakes up wet whether or not we get him up in the middle of the night to go.  
He says he cannot feel it, and as frustrating as that is to hear after a week of him having no accidents, I often wonder if there is some truth to it.  
I have not seen a specialist yet, but his doctor has said at both his 5 and 6 year check ups that it is not unusual and he will outgrow it.
However, I don't know how much patience I (and my husband) have left with this.  It is so frustrating not knowing how you can help your child.  And I worry about how this will affect him socially.
My son is a very friendly, lovable, bright little boy.  Hence the frustration I feel when he has accidents.

We are getting a new doctor so I do plan to get another opinion.  But I was also wondering if any of you have been persuaded to try a chiropractor?  I have several good friends who have taken their children to a chiropractor and had their child adjusted and that has "solved" their child's potty training problems.  I have no issues with going to a chiropractor for myself, but I am nervous about it messing up my son.  

Any thoughts on this?  

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I also have a almost 6 year old who has suddenly having accidents during the day at home or at school. She potty trained easily at 2 1/2 but has always had bed wetting issues. Since she has started school she is having several accidents a week. I believer she just ignores the feeling until it is to late. I can tell when she has to go sometimes when she is wiggling around and I also ask her if she has to go to the bathroom and she will always answer me no. It never fails she then has an accident or will run to  the bathroom unable to hold it and have an accident while trying to get her paints down. I'm at a loss. I have tried everything I can to help her but honestly she seems to not care. I am also concerned because she is is kindergarten and I do not want the the other kids to start making fun of her.
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how i can stop my 6 years old to pee in her pant all the time help
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I have a child that was totally potty trained at 3, and about 3 1/2 started peeing his pants clear up to age 6, he is still doing it.  His personality is very different...he is a little more high strung, he always needs love and attention etc. We have been working with him, going to doctors and therapists about his problem.

I saw some things on these posts that I wanted to address...if your child starts to poop their pants (this is coming from our therapist) after they have been potty trained for awhile, watch them carefully because that can be a sign of sexual abuse and hopefully I didn't scare everyone, but just keep a close eye on your children and make sure they are respected.

As far as an answer on what to do about the peeing problems?  I still haven't found an answer, but I don't give my child any attention at all when it comes to his peeing, BUT I don't believe you should put your 6 or 7 year old back in diapers, I think that will cause some mental problems...I think they will think you are trying to tell them they are a baby, and what 6 or 7 year old wants that?  I think pull-ups at night are just fine.  All I can hope is eventually he will grow out of it!
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  My boy is 6 and a half and in grade 1. He is wetting himself in the day several times mostly in school. The school has a dry policy and keeps threatening expulsion if I cant solve the issue. Have started him in pull ups and he has told the other boys these are special pants, I don't care!
Confident, friendly and social boy who has had delayed milestones so is doing everything much later than others ( but eventually gets there!) I am very patient but can't take the pressure of the school nurse. Fear he will be expelled and lose the school he loves! This will break our otherwise happy and strong family's morale!
We will be forced to homeschool then as there are'nt too many options in this country! The paediatric urologist has ruled out any other problems. Any advice?
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