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hello experts M father is 57year old and is diabetic for around 12years he was taking metformin hcl 500mg till december last year when he was sick and doctor told to get it tested again morning fasting was around 170mg/dl and 2h ...
faheemakbar18 | Last answer
I am a 26 year old female and gave been having worsening symptoms recently. Several years ago I had a high fasting blood insulin but not glucose test. Recently I have been checking my fasting blood glucose myself at roughly the same ...
Jens2011 | Last answer
My mom is having diabetes since past 14 years. From last 2-3 weeks she is having nausea and vomitting and is not able to eat anything. She has taken medicines- domistal, vomistop but there is no relief. Are these things related to jaundi...
karanpreet13 | Last answer
Good Morning A short background on my thyroid disorder. 2003 Dx/Graves - 2004 RAI - present Hypothyroid (subclinical 3.34) medically induced. Taking Armour meds since Oct 2007. Feb 2008 I requested an ultra sound due to "feeling of s...
stella5349 | Last answer
I drank hot chocolate had little oj and I have very bad headache maybe too much sugar. im not diabetic haven't had problems but my head hurts bad. How do I counter act this water milk meat cheese my head hurts
Linn536 | Last answer
I am 59 years old and recently had a triple heart by pass. In the middle of last year I had a cholesterol test at a local pharmacy and the did a blood glucose at the same time. As I had not eaten in over 18 hours they counted it as a fas...
Mike_Regan6 | Last answer
Hi. My boyfriend is a 44 year old juvenile onset diabetes patient who has glucose highs and lows. He has been experiencing swelling in his hands as well pain in both his arms and hands quit often lately. He thinks that this is associated...
boogsey | Last answer
My moms friend had diabetes a year ago.she kept it under control with medications.nw all of a sudden her sugar level is down to 50after she had her test.she is feeling weak.also a tingling feeling since then.what should I do recommend her?
Confusedo22 | Last answer
What cause my skin to feel like something is biting on my legs, arms, and others areas on my body ? I have type 2 Diabetes. The bottom of my feet feels like they go to sleep feeling num or bees on them . What causes this ??
Tonkee | Last answer
I've had a weird tongue ever since I can remember. When I was a kid, my parents never took me to the doctor for anything. So now I'm 26 years old and terrified of doctors offices, needles, the works. But now I'm noticing I'm having an in...
scaredofdoctors | Last answer
What is the difference between the fatigue a non-diabetic person would experience after consuming sugar and the type of fatigue someone with insulin resistance would experience? I figure it's different for everyone, but any insight on so...
lilysalt | Last answer
My Mother injects herself with insulin twice a day. She injects 13mg of it to her belly using a short needle. I do not know exactly how long. She is on a public bus right now and cannot get off and visit a hospital. This was all prescrib...
CesarJ54 | Last answer
my father always gets this white spot between his toes and we always help him clean it but it always comes back, he is a diabetic and i am concern if its a big issue or just a normal thing. i hope its not a skin cancer as i only found th...
Storm027 | Last answer
I am 34 weeks pregnant with gestational diabetes and at my last doctors appointment I was told I have increased amniotic fluid and they needed to recheck my levels next week and if the fluid has not gone down we will need to address it. ...
NewMom85 | Last answer
I am selling a gently used charcoal Medtronic paradigm REAL-Time 522 Insulin Pump, which works perfectly and looks like brand new. It comes with the box and all the original supplies. It takes one AAA battery, included. It can be used...
LynnG333 | Last answer
I am insulin dependent and newly pregnant. Should I be seen by by ob sooner then 8 weeks?
Ready2doitagain | Last answer
Upon waking 82 1 hour before lunch 84 2 hours after lunch 77 1 hour before supper 68 645pm 854pm 92 940pm 79 Just wondering if these seem right my blood glucose never has been over 101 but i feel shaky,anxiety,moody,heart papls...
cin777 | Last answer
I've read that there were a few studies done that showed that the herb, Berberine, can lower fasting blood glucose and A1c as effectively and in the same manner as Metformin without the side effects. The studies also found that it can m...
Ruthiejb | Last answer
My friend just took 6 units of Levemir instead of her normal Humalog. What should she do now?
Dettra | Last answer
my cousion detecte Diabetes disease what we do give me suggest about any reserch
saranglaghari25 | Last answer
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