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8 days out from tt
I just want to give a little advice if you are getting a tt.

Do the homework on your surgeon. You need a specialist who does at least 150 of these a year. This will pull down your risk of complications.Find what that does preventative calcium. Once it is down-you're in a pickle.

Do the homework on the hospital you are staying at. The biggest issues we had were due to the nurses not doing their jobs. If you uncomfortable do not be scared to bother them. Tell them what you want and need.

Ask for anti-puke meds, even if you dont think you are going to get sick. better safe than sorry and your neck hurts like heck when you dry heave..

Get a bunch of bendy straws. It helps.

Let everyone take care of you. You deserve the time to feel better after feeling so poopy for so long. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have no numbness or tingling where the incision is. They used surgi strips and glue. I have some incisions issues but it was due to me dry heaving and the pull of the second skin band aid they put on.

I have so much energy now, I don't know what to do with myself.

Lastly, stay medicated if at all possible. The more you rest the quicker you heal. I will admit I had my own morphine party in my hospital room, but the nurses messed up by not turning on my o2. I had the nose piece in-they just didnt turn it on and every time i would fall into sleep, my monitor would jerk me out of sleep due to low o2. This resulted in me ripping out my iv and my chest tube. It was horrifying. Then the night nurse took 6 pokes to find a new vein. I am still bruised. Thank goodness for the morphine. And with all that- I still would do it again. That is how good I feel.

Water and more water.

Drink as much water as you can prior to surgery.

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