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Im stressing ALOT. I'm getting 2 ferrets and I've done as much studying as a I could. I've had cats, dogs, hamsters, squirrels, fishes, turtles, shrimps, puffer fishes and birds. That should prove a lot of experiences towards pets for me...
Marinefox | Last answer
my puggle suddenly has bumps on her bottom lip and chin , i went away for two days she was left at home with her master and when i returned she now has bumps on her bottom lip red and not blistering they are not weeping i dont know if th...
kristenpickel | Posted
Hi. I have a question about the type of subcutaneous fluids to use in a cat with cancer. My 16 year old cat was recently diagnosed with Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the bladder. The tumor was successfully removed through surgery, and s...
Hofcat | Posted
My four year old cat was just diagnosed with fibrosarcoma. We found a lump about three weeks ago but waited 2 weeks before we had it sugeracly removed. The tumor was loccated on the side of her body so amputation was not an option. The s...
I have an 8 year old border/corgi mix. She recently threw up her breakfast one morning this week and I thought I should take her to the vet for a check up since we are going away in a few weeks. They vet checked her and noticed an enla...
Bluci | Last answer
I just received my service dog in January and I noticed a black spot on her belly. Now there are several more. They are not flat. They raised like a bump. Is this a cause for concern? She's a 3 year old German Shepard.
MeAndMyGSD | Posted
A little over a month ago my Levi , an 11 year old Beagle/Russell Mix , was diagnosed with Lymphoma he is not eating good, just barely and that is because I spoon feed him . Everything he loved to eat he just turns away from. I can't bel...
Levismom3 | Posted
My 12 year old rescue beagle Mylow which I have had for 9 years as kidney cancer that has spread to liver and stomach. Vet says 6 months or less. Tried all kinds of foods to get him to eat a little.. eggs, broth, hamburger, chicken, bre...
Mylowsmom | Posted
We recently discovered our 11 yr old beagle had several mammary tumors. The doctor estimated the smaller, internal ones were benign, however, the larger mass was more than likely malignant. Unfortunately, it has not ruptured so we are ...
mandelaura | Posted
my friends 3 year old American pit bull had swollen lymph nodes in neck the size of golf balls, they are smaller now an hard as a rock, he said they have been this way for about a month. Of course I told him needed to go to vet right aw...
JewelHarvey | Posted
I posted this in the Dogs section, but thought it would be worth posting here too: Just a reminder to those who have large, black-coated dogs: All large and giant-breed dogs who happen to have black coats are suseptible to a toe canc...
mindlink | Last answer
My dog has a large (1/2 inch by 3 inch) tumor in his lower jaw which seems to be growing quite rapidly. The Vet does not feel we should do a biopsy as surgery cannot be completed even if its benign and we cannot afford chemo. He gave...
Squirt1234 | Last answer
So I am not sure is anyone will respond but I am hoping for guidance. Our little girl is now 12... We had a lot of health issues over the years...aloft palette surgery, ingrown eyelashes, chronic urine infections...and we always treated...
Anneannnabell | Posted
My 9yr gsd has swollen lymph nodes under his jaw and left leg. Also sores on his lower lip aswell as his inner leg. Has had blood work and cytology. Test came back normal. Gave him Clavamox for 7 days and it only got worse. His whole mou...
KingBender | Posted
My miniature schnauzer, male, 9 years old. Three days before, I found 3 enlarged lymph node around his neck on and yesterday I took him to the vet with results as follows: 1) little bit fever, slightly slow heart rate; 2) no other s...
maidie | Last answer
my dog had a bad liver and i had him on a lower protein diet and he did great for 2 1/2 years. too much protein is hard on the liver and kidneys. he was 14 and his hips, spine and head were getting very bony. i didn't know if it was age ...
jakie14 | Last answer
My cat is super old and she has had cancer for at least 5 years now. I am baffled as to what has kept her alive all of this time (not that I want her to go, I've had her since i was born). My vet suggests that the cancer not be removed...
Mookyjoe | Last answer
My boxer was diagnosed with Lymphoma about 6 months ago. The tumor was removed, along with the affected lymph node. My vet said the tumor was actually growing outside the lymph node. He has been on prednisolone, started at 100mg, then...
carriebeth1968 | Last answer
My vets said my 2 year old rat has cancer and to bring her back when she is lifeless and they will put her to sleep she's grazing her food and doesn't drink as much as usual she still runs around and climbs every where and plays with her...
rioamylyla | Posted
my 12 year old Manchester terrier has been diagnosed with apocine carcinoma of the Anal sac in June and since that time at my vets i have seen 5 different vets at the cost of over £400 so far over, but all giving me different advise on ...
jkrain | Posted
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