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How do I get my 11 month old kitten to ingest Tylan? It smells really bitter. I've sprinkled on the wet food, mixed in the wet food, tried to mix with water (it clumped in to a ball), mixed with tuna...no luck on anything. She can sme...
4_black_cats | Last answer
I have a 13 years old dog, is there are any supplement can help my dog maintain a good liver.
tsui830 | Last answer
My 3 yr. old Yorkiepoo will eat about 1/4 of her food, and refuses to touch the rest unless I hold her dish for her. Then she eats like she's starving, and licks the bowl clean. I've tried refusing to hold the dish for 4 days one time ...
cheels | Posted
Hello all - we have two labs (brother and sister) who just turned 2 last week. Since we have had them, they have had digestion problems - lots of gas, loose stools (unless we intervene) and the girl has consistent problems with upset st...
WendyJo42Q | Last answer
Sometimes I cook 3 different meats and he wont eat. He is living of treats..I know is bad but he will not eat dog food and I try steak, chicken even lamb, but he hardly eats.
Samsamson | Posted
Hi all! I have a male Samoyed, approx 1 year and 3 months old. We bought him in the end of July 2014 and changed his diet to Acana puppy and junior. He did relatively well on it, then I was told to put him on the adult food, I've tried ...
laceyjanedalton | Last answer
I'm really not sure where to ask this. So, I decided to ask it in this section (sorry if it's not the right one.) Anyway, I have a bucket of water in my bathroom and I have an open window near it. The window is high but it's quite nea...
Lizzy_010 | Posted
My my 13 yr old Rott is diabetic. At her last vet visit we were told that her sugar level isn't coming down. Her blood pressure is high 220. Vet told us to try her on a raw food diet. We bought hamburger, eggs, liver, veggies. Got a free...
aring2007 | Posted
My Boston Terrier is prone to HGE and has a very sensitive stomach. Years ago I went looking for a "premium" food and put him on Nature's Recipe Lamb Meal and Rice. I chose this one because it did not contain chicken, as that seems to ha...
songli5 | Last answer
My cats severely anaemic. Any cat or human foods anyone knows that's v good quality and would help?
lola200677 | Last answer
Dear all, I'd like to know what's the most wanted dog's supplement; skin & coat, joint health, digestive support, weight lose pills... You, as veterinay or supplement sellers, what is the thing that your customers want more? I'...
dogsupplement | Last answer
So I have been looking into changing my dog food brand to something more nutritious for my dogs. Now I have always been under the impression that dogs can't eat tomatoes, red green or otherwise, but a lot of these foods have dried tomato...
freakier_darkali | Last answer
We have a Cavalier King Charles Spanial that was a rescue dog...she is 17 lbs now and we only feed her one cup of dry dog food and and 2 -3 doggy snacks a day plus a few snacks of a plain rice cake. She hasn't been getting a lot of exer...
meg321 | Last answer
My dog has a small lesion on his skin on his belly, near where a nipple could be. Brown discharge with no odor, and similar to dirt, comes out when the area is messed with. Could this be an inverted nipple or a botfly larvae? I have p...
lauren1209 | Posted
Can anyone in pet health provide SPECIFIC mineral content/limits for struvite stone dissolving, while preventing the formation of calcium oxalate stones? I know the commercial OS diets are recommended by vets, but I prefer to cook my ow...
petadvocate226 | Last answer
adopted beemer in january, found out diabetic 3 weeks later, doing well on insulin and low carb diet. now he has allergies and is itching and losing hair on face and neck. he is a 11 lb rag doll and i feed him prescription canned hills m...
babs824 | Last answer
I just bought a baby Indian star tortoise 2 days ago. The problem is that she only eats tomato and nothing else. i have tried feeding her lettuce,cucumber,apples, broccoli,etc but in vain! :( please help because i dont want her to make a...
akkifukki | Posted
I am thinking about getting her off reg dog food all together. They say there is to much salt in reg. dog food is that true? I had a dog that lived for 19 years all i feed him was boil chicken and turkey and sometimes beef mix with rice...
lovelyladyone | Last answer
My 6 yr old female cat, Sassy suddenly starting having hard stool & was constantly straining to make a bowel movement. I took her to our vet where I was told she was constipated and needed an enema. Sassy stayed overnight because they ha...
Simba_Kitty | Last answer
Hi, My Labrador Retriever undergo surgery last July 2, 2011 but died after couple of hours with cardiac arrest..She was about 9years old, healthy in body (maybe obese).. then one time we found out that she have abscess in one of her n...
tanying | Posted
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