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What are the Pros as well of the Cons of owning a wolf hybrid? This is for an article on MedHelp. Thanks
CSKnight | Last answer
We rescued this dog 3 years ago. For the first couple of months things were fine. But for the last couple of years (I know it’s gone on too long) whenever I get home from work he will not stop growling at me. We have two dogs and the oth...
CYMER | Last answer
Just curious as to why my dog will have numerous spells where he is licking what seems to be the air. I don't know exactly when this behavior started, but I know he wasn't doing it when we first adopted him. It has been one of those un...
dancingfajitas | Last answer
I have 2 cats and a very big 5 yr old German Shepherd. He has been attacked "out of the blue" a # of times, by my large 23 lb (diabetic) cat. Dusty (my cat) on occasion has gone from being his sweet, loving self to acting like a possesse...
DETPOPP | Last answer
every time my femal Shi Tzu goes to bathroom, she eats her poop. I have tried everything. what can I do. my husband is ready to get rid of her because it is gross. I can't have my kids let her lick them if that's all over her mouth an...
chris267 | Last answer
We just this dog yesterday and she is in the process of realizing this is her new home. She was neglected at her previous home and not fed on a normal everyday basis. She does seem quite happy here and although she doesn't always come wh...
mokibear | Last answer
9mos old is always rough housing with the 8yr old and bites his ears and beard. Older one is so passive and does not put pup in her place.Also, she is so hyper and barks so much on walks when she sees other dogs or people. Jumps on the p...
Mimisipoo | Last answer
I woke up this morning to find the bottom eyelids swollen on my Pug. What causes this? I gave him a benadryl in case he is having an allergic reaction. My other question is, I have a 9 month old Schnauzer and she she screams this h...
iris986 | Last answer
My dog constantly barks or lightly growls all the time. It seems like she is super sensative to noises and growls when she hears something. It is 24/7 and extremely frusterating. We tell her enough, stop barking, quiet or no. but she con...
Frusterated575 | Last answer
I have 2 2year old Rottweilers. The ***** has just been spayed and a couple of stitches have burst. I have had the rest taken out after 10 days. The vet has given me iodine and intibiotic to put on the wound for 2-3 days and if not he...
Izzyei | Last answer
(2 year old, Indoor, In Tact, Eats regularly, everything normal besides his recent behavior.) Our male cat has been having episodes of loud meowing throughout the day. That seems normal, except for sometimes when he is just laying on th...
ashann89 | Last answer
Please see above description under PERTINENT TEST RESULTS for background. We've had him over a year and he never blossomed........ Is there any hope at all for him to be an active normal puppy? He really hates to move or go outside eve...
tekee3137 | Last answer
We adopted 2 female kittens at age 3 months old. Their indoor cats. their now 8 months. We have to close our bedroom door at night because they will not leave us alone. Doing so they scratch jump make every noise possible outside the doo...
Brentford13 | Last answer
i have 2 dogs my chorkie is 6months old and my 3yr old has been the only one until aug. 2009. i feel she is depressed or upset plus we have moved and we can't play with her the same. both dogs are house broke but 1 of then pisses in ...
ribbion | Last answer
I've had my cat, Velvet for 10 years, ever since she was a kitten. She never used to pee on anything except in her litter box, until about 6 years ago. A friend had moved in with her little dog and ever since then she has been peeing on ...
NightSymphony | Last answer
i have tryed everything and he is so mean,he is always snapping at my grandkids and he is always chaseing and fighting other dogs what can i do to get him to stop. or i am giving him away i can't take it no more I LOVE MY DOG but s...
leigh2010 | Last answer
My husband picked this one out, I have had a jack russell before and had no problems, He is always attacking my cat, he barks way too much and in general he bites way too much We are crate training him , does well with that thank god , h...
netgal1 | Last answer
Our chow mix has lived with her best friend, a border collie for 10 yrs. They love each other. Chow (angel) a female has been spayed, and border collie (bandit) a male has been neutered. They hate to be separated so they never have been....
kelli69 | Last answer
why does my younger cat beat up my 17 year old cat he pounces on her and bites her back until she screams
veeebe | Last answer
My dog Satana has been acting very strange lately. She is my CONSTANT shadow, never leaves my side unless she is forced too. She is extremely overprotective of me, to the point that she growls and bares her teeth at anyone that comes nea...
staciad07 | Last answer
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