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By lovelife202
hey everyone...me and my husband hv been married for 8 years..and we have had sex only 6-7 times jus to have a baby.....
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By MH Community Mgr
If so, please send a message to me at MH Community Mgr Community Leaders at MedHelp are members who act like ambass...
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itiswhatitis_15Nov 21, 2015
sickinmoAug 19, 2009
LonelymomAug 13, 2009
joycekatherineAug 11, 2009
redheadaussieAug 06, 2009
By SweetiePie411 Blank
I just thought about posting this question because I think it's a pain in the a** to shave all the time. Shaving coul...
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By mkh9 Blank
So, obviously everyone likes to get looked at. So, I'm not talking about guys that glance or look at you when they ar...
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Beautydeep1Dec 03, 2013
heatherlynn22Feb 16, 2009
SassyLassieFeb 15, 2009
Beachwalker33Jan 24, 2009
By Cherie762 Blank
Do you all think its rude to fart in your own home ? My spouse will let em rip, and when i have to do the same natur...
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hobojoNov 04, 2013
VICourageousAug 27, 2013
tinkerbell271985Aug 25, 2013
em7575Jul 16, 2013
By specialmom Blank
Hi. Tell us a memory that always instantly makes you smile.
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eternity1234May 18, 2013
RockRoseMay 16, 2013
By eternity1234 Blank
I do not know if I am in the right forum.If not request the moderators to move me in the right one. I really need ...
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91004Apr 29, 2013
By blessedmomoftwo Blank
Do any stay at home Mom 's or dad's know of any good programs or other ideas to make extra income. I am a homemaker a...
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By cashs_mommy Blank
Ive had constant rib pain for 48 hrs now. I figured it was just his foot but its gotten progressively worse in the pa...
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specialmomApr 30, 2012
By meganweller98 Blank
I have 3 sore spots on the edge of my vagina. I haven't had sex as I'm only 13 years of age. I don't know what they a...
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tschockApr 19, 2012
By Jennifer39 Blank
Ok so first of all I'm not sure if I'm in the right forum so here goes.....let me give u some background: my name is ...
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tschockApr 19, 2012
By whiterioja Blank
I'm not sure I'm in the right place but I've trawled the web to try and find material which will explain my behaviour...
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By lilmama03 Blank
i just had my third child first normally second two both emergency c sections but after this last c section im not th...
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By brokerkim Blank
Will devour this site which should generate a few questions. Thanks for being here!
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summerlion1123Nov 30, 2007
April2Nov 06, 2007
jenstamNov 06, 2007
AndiJ78Nov 06, 2007
anxiousmomtobe?Nov 06, 2007
By jenstam Blank
So here is a good question...one I am still trying to figure out! In your household where there is a man and a woman....
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Ana09Feb 16, 2012
jo929Jan 17, 2010
specialmomJan 16, 2010
mami1323Jan 16, 2010
dawnangelaJan 16, 2010
By loringpark Blank
My 39th birthday is coming up and typically my different groups of friends and I get together and do individual thing...
1829282 tn?1325595258
Stef110Feb 12, 2012
LaDonnaFJan 20, 2012
RockRoseJan 19, 2012
LaDonnaFJan 17, 2012
garrettandelsasmomJan 13, 2012
By LaDonnaF Blank
I have had issues, as a 26-year-old woman, maintaining friendships with girls my age. I've lived in the same town my ...
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hotmama78Feb 02, 2012
mommybear0710Dec 07, 2011
Proudmommie2012Dec 07, 2011
Socalledchaos119Dec 07, 2011
DeviumDec 07, 2011
By Proudmommie2012 Blank
Has anyone heard the story of the 20yr old who killed her 3month old son because he wouldn't stop crying?!?! WTF!!! ...
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LaDonnaFJan 20, 2012
CuirizzJan 16, 2012
ace102938Jan 16, 2012
By Cuirizz Blank
Okay so I havent had a period for 2 months and 3 dayz I took a pregnancy test and it came out negetive but im kinda b...
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specialmomJan 19, 2012
By some88 Blank
i have been dating a boy half a year now. we have been friends for long time and he loved ever since. i didnt want to...
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