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My Mum Has Plastic Surgery
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My Mum Has Plastic Surgery

[B]My mum 2day felt In the bath & She had a wound On her forhead ... I mean the area Just above the eyes ... Before going to the hospital The wond was deep In fact and She went to the hospital & Made a plastic surgery .

When The doctorr saw the wond he said That she doesnt have a lot of fat and the bone is somewhat clear Coz my mum is skinny. But even he said this is healthy not to have fat ....

He said He will Make for  her a plastic surgery and a small scare will be noticeable & within 2 mnths it will be totally gone by using creams

In fact the wond is abt 7 cm .... She made the surgery and there is a small bandage on the wond... the doctor told Her to apply cream On the bandage Or plaster ( so small Bandage In fact )  since the bandage can absorb the cream ...
He also Gave Her augmanteen antibiotic...

I heard that fadecream also Help to get rid of scars & coco butter & Lemon juice ..
I wonder does she will have to put these things on the  wond Beside What the doctor Gave her to speed the process?

& If needed when she needs  to put the fade cream or the coco butter  after removing the small bandage Or wut ???

the bandage  will be removed in 7days....
She will Keep On putting cream on the bandage for this 3 days , Then she will go to the doctor again to put for her other bandage & to  check her ,This will go for 7 days

But she will continue to use the cream for a whole Month Or 2  ..
My QUESTION is shall she putt the fade cream , lemon juice & Coco butter with this cream ???

Also if she Has to use them all , she use them after removing the bandage ( after the  7 days i mean ) Or on the bandage But in different time After putting the cream ...

Ah Beside this cream She is taking ogmateen antibiotic 2..

I need a realll Help so no real scars can happen to my mum ..

Thnxxxxxxxxxxxxx a lottttttttttt for helpppppppppp[/B]
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there is no way to totally make the scar not appear. She most likely will have a light scar, that can be noticeable. Only use one cream at a time. Do not mix the cream that was given with another home remedy. There are other types of treatment for scars, like a silicon sheet that can be used. Though right now, stick with the cream that was given by the doctor and follow what he said to do.
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