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Ilesotomy Questions

I had a high anterior resection and a bit of the small intestine removed due to severe diverticulitis done at the end of June. I have an ileostomy as a result of this. I have had all my tests and the doctors say I am ready to have the ileostomy reversed.

Since I had the ileostomy I have had nothing but very loose watery stools that have been treated with Imodium, and diet. So far I am still emptying my bag up to 15 times a day. I have been told I can drink nothing but sports drinks and as a result am up all night emptying my bladder. I am adjusting to the diet and low fiber etc.

My questions:  will it be the same after the reversal? Am I about to step into a world of stomach cramps and Imodium forever? Will I ever be able to eat normally again or are fresh vegetables and fruit always going to be a bad thing? Will I have to continue the high salt intake?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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