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kidney stones, infection, and hypodense masses
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kidney stones, infection, and hypodense masses

I am a 26 yo woman with a history of kidney stones that started at 19. I was pregnant with my daughter when they started, and I had hundreds of them. A few ended up getting stuck, due to size, and had to be surgically removed. I went about 5 days with them stuck in there with the drs pushing fluid, trying to get them out so they would not have to operate while I was pregnant. It did not work, my right kidney swelled, and I went into failure. It completely shut down. The doctors ended up placing bilateral stents in both ureters, which were removed approximately 4-5 months later, after she was born. Everything seemed to be fine.
Recently, I've been passing stones again, and a few days ago I was in severe pain. I went to the hospital, they did a urinalysis, and said that I had blood and white blood cells in my urine. I was told I had a sever uti (for which I had no symptoms), bladder infection, and kidney infection. I was sent for a CT to see if there were any more stones left inside. If there were, they were going to remove them surgically at the time b/c of the severe infection. There were not, but they did come back and tell me that they found hypodense masses on my right kidney, and I would have to follow up with a dr (who I later found out was a urologic ongologist) to have an ultrasound done. They did not tell me that they were benign cysts like they did the man in the same room as me. (He was fond of sharing).
I was sent home on Cipro and Percocet. At the time I was in the hospital, my pain was only in my back on the right side. It has since spread to my right side abdomen, although less sever than it was. I did end up getting a 104 degree fever, which is now gone, and I have been nauseous for about a week now. The vomiting lasted about 3 days.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
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