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Need help on adoption agencies

Does anyone have any experience of information, good or bad on the following agencies:

Adoption Network Law Center
american adoptions
Independant Adoption Center
Heart to Heart

Those are the ones my daughter has narrowed it down to after tons of research, please email me with any information.
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I can only say:  Do not use ANLC  Use a private attorney.  They match much more quickly.  ANLC is NOT an agency and they are not easy to work with.  They are typical sales people and will say anything to get you to sign their contract.
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Did you use them? Do you know if any good attorneys, my daughter lives in so cal (Fullerton ).
My daughter has gone through do much after tears of unsuccessful fertility treatments and I dint want them yo have any mire dissapointments. All they want is a baby to love and give a good life to.
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We looked at Adoption Law Network and met with them.  Over all they look like a great company but they were very pricey and when we told them we were concerned with the price their response was "well how badly do you want a baby?"  At that point my hubby and I knew they weren't for us. It was disappointing.  We went though Lifetime Adoptions and they were amazing.  It only took 3 months from sign on to bringing our daughter home and she is a true miracle.  I love her as if I carried her myself for 9 months  I highly recommend them!  
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Thank you so much for the answers you sent, I think they will not use ANLC, too many negatives. My daughter also talked to them and found they seemed like you described, more of a sales pitch...if you sign now you will save $1,000!!! Isn't Lifetime a facilliator? What happens when you use them? Do you have to get an attorney? How is a facillitator different than an agency? I think I read somewhere that Lifetime makes you sign a two year contract, if that is true what heppens if in 2 years you are not matched?
They went to a seminar yesterday offered by Independant Adoption Center and liked them very much, they are going to one offered by Adopthelp on October 23.
So do you reccommend any of the ones she listed above? They live in Southern Califonria if that helps at all.
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