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How AIDS is transmitted

Anyone can get AIDS from kissing and tonuge on the lips
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This is not possible at all...
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no only if there is blood in mouth then you can get his disease. or any open wound in the body you come into contact with you having and open wound or sore
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Hi this has always been a question on everyone's lips.....(excuse the pun)...
I do understand that you can only get AIDS from sexual intercourse....or through contaminated blood of that person...carrying the virus... and not through kissing.

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although unbelievably most likely forever impossible..you have nothing to worry about by kissing...even with tongues on lips hun
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It is not possible that AIDS is spread with kiss.The virus of aids spread only with blood. Mostly it spread with sexual intercourse. There are some other reason to spread AIDS like
1) uses of blade that used by a aids effected person.
2) doing sex with  aids effected person. etc

mainly we can say that if aids effected person's blood mixed up with us then we can effected with AIDS virus.
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