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Cut Finger led To Strange Bump Formation on Scar

About 2 and a half months ago I cut the middle joint in my index finger open while cooking with a small, clean knife.  I cut it on the upper side of the hand.  It bled a lot, but I was able to stop the bleeding that night by applying a band aid to it.  I washed it thoroughly with soap and then applied antibiotic ointment, and then put a small splint underneath it in order to keep me from bending it while it heals.  In hindsight I probably should have consulted a doctor afterwards, but did not mind having a small scar on that joint.  

2 and a half months later the cut is healed but a relatively large bump has formed  underneath the scar on the joint.  I do not particularly care about the scar itself, but this bump is driving me crazy.  To make matters worse whenever I flex the previously injured finger in all the way the index finger begins to hurt.  It also hurts more than usual if I bump something or knock on a door.  

Is there any type of  joint injury that could explain this bump that is almost the size of a pea forming on the joint after the injury heals?  Can I expect this bump to go away after a reasonable period of time?  If not would a hand surgeon be able to remove the bump somehow?
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I have the same thing on my middle finger did you find anthing that helps yet? Mine's about 8 month's.
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I recently came upon your post before going to see a doctor for the EXACT same problem.  I had a blood clot on top of my knuckle after cutting it very deeply.  It was a simple procedure where he numbed it and then drew the blood out with a needle.  There was no pain during the extraction.  I'm just slightly sore now (it has only been 3 hours since I've had this done), however the pain isn't as annoying or intense as it was when the lump was still there.  I would recommend going to see your doctor to see if it's the same thing.  It was a very quick, in and out, procedure.  Good luck!
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I also have a rather symetrical bump on my right index finger, 1st joint from nail, top of finger  I noticed it because it mildly itches.  I don't know if I jammed it & this is the result, or what.  
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Hi there, I also have recently got a strange formation under the skin on my left hand, middle finger, palmside, middle knuckle.  I don't know what it is(sorry) but I did remove it by myself. I had to keep cutting the top of the formation like shaveing it until I saw more or less a different color in the middle of it a lil ways deep. I used a needle to poke at it threw the hole in my callus and strangely enough it pulled out in one hard flesh looking white mass. It was attached to the inner bottom of the hole slitely but broke clean and bled only a little.  Feels much better now but still going to take sample to DR.  I can move my finger more freely and don,t need to constantly pop it. If anything changes I'll post. Oh yeh just took glass same looking lump out of my left hand thumb print. It was size of marble almost but looked the same.....wasn't.
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I have the same thing on my index  finger,is there anything I can do for my finger? I cut the top joint in my index finger and 2 and a half months later the cut is healed but a relatively large bump has formed  underneath the scar on the joint,please can some one help me on this one.How can i post a picture of my finger?
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I had my thump cut on a soda machine getting my favorite soda out. went to an urgent care clinic and the dr. glued finger, But now after a month a bump is still there and it hurts. It sounds like it may be what you had. What kind of Dr. did you see?
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